there was no real effort made to teach me spanish when i was growing up, which lead to the very enjoyable contrast of eventually hitting high school spanish classes where my pronunciation was fantastic from hearing it all my life and yet my friends often had MUCH better grades.

but yesterday my mom, sitting around her house and doin' whatever, apparently came to the abrupt realization that she should have an effort,,

to teach my dog spanish..

to have a bilingual dog.


i'm not eager to entirely cede control of my communications to Google, but it has certainly been handling the bulk of replies to my mom's texts for the past year now.

@dankwraith @jackdaw_ruiz the little working knowledge/fantastic pronunciation dichotomy is So Fucking Real

@jackdaw_ruiz it was a real miss to not teach Caesar Spanish — would have helped him in math as well as music

@jackdaw_ruiz dogs are really good at picking up Spanish , or picking up on inflection or something

@jackdaw_ruiz this is something my dad would do to a T holy shit

i’m still fucking pissed at him for not making me bilingual. i’m such garbage at languages as an adult.


it's just an uphill battle trying to get a brain older than 12 years old to fathom new language shit.

but now, as an adult, i can finally appreciate the comic Doonesbury so it all balances out!

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