old people should take 1/3rd of the energy they expend getting upset about Climate Teen and do something helpful, like putting on a heavy coat and walking into the ocean.

@jackdaw_ruiz I've got a bunch of scrap concrete in my backyard from I know not what that I could put into their pockets if they want any help. I won't even charge them anything!


it's reducing, reusing, and recycling all in one noble action!

@jackdaw_ruiz i was actually just thinking about how there has to be an "absurdity tipping point" where the reality of climate change is contrasted with adults arguing about light bulbs

i think it is already a pretty common teenage experience to be baffled by "the adult world"

add in "self-imposed collapse of human society" into that adult-world behavior and i kinda get where teens are coming from

i guess what i am trying to say is:

comparing 'teen climate activism' from decades ago to 'teen climate activism' now is comparing apples and oranges and indicates a base level of (subconscious?) climate-change denial


i think it's difficult for a lot of adults to admit that a young child has a more sober and realistic grasp of objective facts than they do.

and for some folks, it's not difficult so much as impossible.

@jackdaw_ruiz hey, come on, be nice: that coat might be useful for someone

give them an armload of ayn rand books instead

@jackdaw_ruiz technically they would raise the sea level a tiny amount with their volumetric displacement by doing this

On the other hand, they’d probably cancel their personal tiny carbon footprint, so by liberal logic it checks out

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