drugs & jordan peterson 

i'm glad that Jordan Peterson spent a year publicly advancing his claim that eating a 100% meat diet cured his brain worries and allowed him to completely stop taking antidepressants.

but now it's been revealed that he had actually developed a significant Klonopin habit and he had to check into rehab to quit.

this is significantly more educational than anything he's ever written. addiction is not a moral failing. that can't be said of claiming beef cures depression.

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz dammit does this mean he's gonna show back up on campus to teach again

drugs & jordan peterson 


he's probably gonna come outta rehab with a bunch of restless energy, like ya dooo, but i think he's also behind schedule on his current book so he should probably focus on that.

just focus on staying healthy and not doing classes next semester. or the following semester.

i care VERY deeply for his health and i think the best thing is if he just stays home for forever. if that's what it takes, so be it.

even if it means we never see him again. 😤

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz i would very much appreciate it if he just took an indefinite sabbatical for his own health, yes

@jackdaw_ruiz Watch This Jackdaw DESTROY JBP With Facts & Logic!

re: drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz This cat literally makes a living exploiting all of the fears and delusions of white men while being a sterling example of all of them.

I'm not a Darwinist to be clear, but... I'm saying...

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz it’s peak right wing grift, tbh. Rush Limburg 2.0.

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz All I got from the three-hour Joe Rogan "interview" with Jordan Peterson (that I listened to out of curiosity) was a feeling of immense sadness. Jordan Peterson is a person with multiple mental and physical ailments (and he was surprisingly open about them), and I'm not surprised his worldview is so combative and angry because of it.

I also got that I'm pretty sure Joe Rogan is just a bot that does interviews. Has anyone actually seen Joe Rogan in person?

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz It's like what happened with Charlie Sheen, or Glenn Beck. You look back over the past few years and go, yes this is all what a breakdown looks like.

drugs & jordan peterson 


if only i knew that a best-selling book and some well attended public speaking gigs were all it took to reduce his brain to pudding and have him believing that tube steak can perfectly supplant a portion of all modern medicine.

i may have bought a copy of Maps of Meatning just to contribute. 📙 💸 :blobcheeky:

drugs & jordan peterson 

@jackdaw_ruiz i think it all started before that. I had a friend who had a psychotic break, started a strong painkiller and benzo habit and then spent the next few years railing against a specific enemy on the internet, fell into conspiracy sites, aligned themselves with right wing "truthers" started posting long rants online, took up a banana only diet for months at a time for no real reason, lost tons of weight, thought they were a god..

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