the existence of shitlords implies the existence or an entire shit feudal system, complete with shitvassals and shitserfs


mais oui. buy not to be confused with someone who is just absolutely terrible at managing their subs.


i always forget about him on account of not having memorable lines. what a perpetually unsettling character.

@jackdaw_ruiz what's up with him being called the Poopsmith, but they call what he works with "whatsit". what a annoyingly cutesy name.

@jackdaw_ruiz expecting to be addressed, “m’shitlady”. On second thought..


ah yes, the Holy Shitty Empire. based out of the Shitican in Rome.

overseen by the, uh... shit pope? yeah let's go with that.


a coworker of mine just learned how viscount is pronounced this week and told us all in Slack he's been doing it wrong his whole life.

i guess i commend his bravery because that's precisely the kind of thing i would NOT call attention to, and rather i would make a list of all the people in the world who heard me mispronounce it in the past so i could have them... dealt with.


i'm putting "make a shitty heraldic shield" on my to do list for later.

@jackdaw_ruiz "We All Shit" is the most famous words but I perfer my family "We Do Not Fear Shit"

Shitlords are known to keep a cadre of White Knights around

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