same as most folks, i reckon. some 15 year-old working at McDonalds told me they stopped serving breakfast five minutes ago.


nah but seriously it's hard to say. like i remember as a very young kid in catholic school thinking how a lot of what we were being told didn't just sound ludicrous, but it sounded implausible in a very lazy manner at that.

i think the notion that the systems and structures around us are based on inaccurate premises just kinda picked up momentum from then on.


but seriously SERIOUSLY i could have really gone for a hash brown patty.

@jackdaw_ruiz yeah, I think finally seeing all the shakey nonsense that our early reality is based on, seems to be a turning point for a lot of people.

@jackdaw_ruiz upsetting to discover that all day breakfast has turned JD into a reactionary.


it's the best example one can point to illustrate the infinite wisdom of the market!

@jackdaw_ruiz McDonald's is just trash overall, but their breakfast is pretty good and I'd rather have that than their burgers. Nationalize McDonald's and turn it into a breakfast joint.

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