gonna start deliberately and repeatedly mixing up Brett Easton Ellis with David Foster Wallace to irritate a very specific archetype of dude i dislike.

@jackdaw_ruiz those are just the same guy under different pen names dumb ass...


you know the type of guy. you've had terrible conversations with him. send him my way, and there's a crisp $5er bounty coming back to ya.

@jackdaw_ruiz jackdaw I would get do mad at you if you did this to me in real life though


sry karen. i should have guessed you were a big American Psycho fan. a real Ellis-head.

i guess this idea was a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again.

@jackdaw_ruiz ha ha ha ha ha ha I hate this so much ha ha ha

@jackdaw_ruiz once spent an entire term misremembering Consider the Lobster just to irritate a specific professor.

@jackdaw_ruiz It's definitely too early for me cause I just mixed up David Foster Wallace and Nathan Bedford Forrest in my head.


let's all exchange white bandanas and refer to colors as "bone" and "eggshell."

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