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another morning spent sitting at my typewriter in a tank top undershirt, furiously drinking cigarette butts from a yellowed highball glass. angrily crumpling up sheets of paper and throwing them at the ceiling fan like so much balled excrement.

another morning i find myself unable to overcome this profound writer's block and finally author my post.

it’s okay to want nice things within reason. there

anyway there's absolutely no fucking reason public transport needs to make a profit, it's necessary and it should be free for everyone and transit cops should honestly be bullied off the bus anytime they try to board one imo

please send me memes and garbage i am sitting in an animal hospital lobby and i have not slept

Has anyone made a serious attempt at any fediverse based dueling thing yet? Even like a bot that matches people based on disputes or something? Even if it was joke-y dueling I think it would be an interesting thing to attempt. #FediHate

I've gotten considerably more confident in many things since I joined this site 2 years ago. and yet I still aspire to one day have the confidence to delete and redraft posts with typos after they've had several boosts, or even after I've threaded them. just the sort of thing I fantasise about

my brains have really turned to shit this year. just utterly scrambled.

trying to not spend too much time thinking about it, but like 85% of the time it's just oompah band music up there and remembering zero-context snippets of conversations I overheard at parties while trying to come down from accidentally getting too high.

*on my first day in CS 101*

ME: Excuse me, professor, but are computers not more art than they are science?

PROFESSOR: Can you please leave? You're 39 years old

not listening to judas priest is actually homophobic

morgan's primary account do not read

morgantwo, :nello:

chrome 2021 we monetized the number of tabs you can have open

a neural net defines SOUL 

SOUL: a sword with a pocket

if I am elected president of radtown I promise my first official action will to bring back the one poster you like that left. yes, that specific poster. you know the one. back, at last!

my second official action will be to ban them. face justice, you monster!! 😤

does today's youth know what a "flip & fuck" is or did they stop selling those years ago?

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