theres a scooby doo character named fucking β€œhot dog water”???

hey can u hold this for me for a sec?

*hops up in ur arms*

calling it dungeness and dragons and making my dm crabby

*spends ten minutes mastercrafting a hilarious toot that's just gonna destroy the TL*

nah fuck it *deletes toot* i am just gonna toot the word butts again

*posts another butts toot*

i have never listened to a single Sufjan Stevens album. when people engage me in conversation about him and i say this, they wrinkle their noses and start parsing the conversation to figure what the "joke" or "bit" is, as if i've just invited them to participate in a devious little riddle.

Mastopiece Theatre, a film anthology series where small panels of well-known fediverse personalities present films from their home country to an international audience while riffing on said films, combining humor, history, queer theory, and leftist analysis 🎭πŸŽ₯🎞

*points to the tl* you hear that sound, princess? Those are the shrieking eels!

Here’s a wider shot. We have pumpkin/skull lights and spider webs as it traditional

i think its beautiful that the Latino Car Culture community allowed the PAWG community to use their anthem, More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp & Roger

I'm too nonbinary to look this good in a suit[Selfie- no EC]

I've lived in Oregon all my life except for like... three years where i lived in Minnesota. When I was there I got pretty homesick, and its because of that I found that every episode of Oregon Field Guide is up on the OPB website to watch for free all the time.

It's a really relaxing show where the hosts just examine the nature, people, events and life from every corner of the state. I highly recommend it if my home is interesting to you in any way.

*holding the TOOT! button like a microphone during a stand-up special* how you folks doing tonight, toot toot amiright

discord is short for "dialectics done cordially"

@jackdaw_ruiz @selontheweb im shaking my damn head at the assertion that sel on the web who is merely a poster could hope to shift the blubbery weight of a mere pilot whale dont make me laugh

@jackdaw_ruiz aaand we've only had good, well-considered ideas ever since. Oregon, the Smart State!

@mcknze @jackdaw_ruiz every morning a peel a beached whale off my porch while yawning dramatically. i toss that shit in the bin in my slippers. useless mass, barely there.

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