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no free speech round here. democracy dies in myass

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“That shit hurted my kokoro, Fredo.” - Al Pacino in “The Godfather Part II”

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im sneaking out of santa clarita past curfew leaving behind a trail of satisfied cop spouses like bread crumbs

white dudes that raise their hands and ask “what are you gonna do??” are never prepared for what youre gonna do.

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putting on my big boy boot cut pants to pro tect the applebees

ohhhh. saw that video of a racist ass white boy getting slumped

Dallas PD asked for the public to submit footage to identify protestors so k-pop stans are flooding them with k-pop videos.

hello. today is my birthday

you've seen the donation links being passed around already but if you'd like to do something to make me smile today please donate spare cash to...
reclaim the block (for community-led safety solutions)
Black visions MN (for Black liberation, healing + transformative justice)
minnesota freedom fund
the bail project

more/local bail fund links below.

can i get some boosts?

cops show up to protests with armor looking like the knights of the round table and you want to talk about agitators and escalating the situation.

good place to start is by abolishing the police in your damn head!

yes. that sculpture was me in ancient greece. never mind the penis, they just didnt get my good side.

my time logged all the way off lasted like a couple hours

talking my dads head off about how rad this shit is

“thanks to social media we’ve been able to keep track of a couple of downtown hotspots”

lapd bare faced only protecting property. local news calling protesters “agitators”. they’re being honest about it

watching the narrative form in real time. looting the stores at 7pm was VIOLENCE. once the 8 pm curfew hit, the aggressive police response was one to contain VIOLENCE.

local news has the 8pm curfew on the news tickers like the sword of damocles

LAPD’s 8 pm curfew is a declaration of war. straight up


here is ozzy, my dog. doing traditional dog activities cuz he is a dog.

me and my son ozzy (a dragon) were just vibing. when his beard turned black at your garbage post. do better.

yes. that sculpture was me in ancient greece. never mind the penis, they just didnt get my good side.

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