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no free speech round here. democracy dies in myass

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“That shit hurted my kokoro, Fredo.” - Al Pacino in “The Godfather Part II”

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if you want an account without white people all in your mentions.... all on the local TL..... posting. Come to :myass:

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when the new kendrick album drops i might have to go off the grid and avoid the awful takes that will be coming from the backlash of his popularity.

gonna go back to watching parasite to pretend politics dont exist. and by watching parasite i mean reading a 100 word plot synopsis.

suing Apple for my phone suggesting a hard shell when i type the word “taco”. this is targeted harassment.

might leave myass for the insufficient appreciation for the corn tortilla

i think *STOP*
you should rethink this *STOP*

oh god. mark jackson and van gundy calling this laker game

live action sonic let himself go after they stopped filming

still cant believe they actually got a society rant into the joker

the little creature piloting the flesh mech that is me broke the “sleep” lever.

i give a firm handshake and tight lipped head nod on first date


two dudes with nametags reading “facts” and “logic” dangling me off a balcony by my ankles, trying to get me to admit Gamers are athletes.

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