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no free speech round here. democracy dies in myass

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“That shit hurted my kokoro, Fredo.” - Al Pacino in “The Godfather Part II”

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if you want an account without white people all in your mentions.... all on the local TL..... posting. Come to :myass:

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#relatable content 

shaggy is a leftist but only for legalized weed

scooby doo was a member of the k-9 unit

me and the boys got some wetwork done. it got a little messy

get in loser, me and 10 of my whitest friends are gonna blow this scene

i got so much fucking shampoo in my eye shit

im listening to Let the Sun Talk with the window and curtains open. not giving a shit.

seeing that many mutuals, all of whom are white, would rather handwring over cancel culture or how deranged we are than dm or @ me about some shit that is really fucking real to me

im doing the joker dance on your deleted account

if it werent for myasstodon i wouldve deleted my account by now

ftr its not the act of going back to twitter that had me pop off last night. and to act like i wasnt talking about posts that were made right after what happened w cj and directly referencing it is obnoxious.

the devastating loss of mastodon’s intellectual dark web

this is a real and tangible thing that ties into erasure and teachings that tell ppl to be ashamed of their ancestors as told by descendants of genocidal slavers.

this is an attitude we’re gonna have to prepare my nieces and nephews for and teach them how to unlearn, but yea. cool. go tf off.

love to see me getting mad about some white man’s burden shit ive heard my whole life reduced to “woke human sacrifice”

and i dont believe you leaving for a “change of scenery” with this timing. especially when i check the likes on subtweet about masto and see you showing your white ass in there.

‪love to run to twitter and whine about the poc of mastodon like you werent mutuals with the ppl involved that were open to talking with you. its fine to come here and boost my jokes and riff on what i say but you still gotta vent about how youre racist ass homie did nothing wrong tho right

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