oh your staying home in accordance with government regulations? that's crazy. me and the boys are playing hungry hungry hippos on the bathroom floor


looks like I have once again been prescient as hell; and seen the future

@garfield @wintgenstein for once, I am on the cat's side. What is wrong with Tusky,
R I C O ??

@wintgenstein @triz @ItsJenNotGabby floating 1 inch above this debate. eyes crossed nothing to fear. thank you

Posted from my Dildo

@garfield @wintgenstein @triz oh wow, you got a cast repro of your dick?

How much does it cost for a 1" dildo??

@garfield @wintgenstein @triz Don't tell him I said hi

but see if he's still holding that back child support

@ItsJenNotGabby @garfield yeah i love my app to boot my to my lock screen every 15 minutes to show me push notifications, there's no other way to do it. that's why i use tusky

@wintgenstein @garfield this has literally never happened to me, and all Ive ever used since I joined has been tusky lmao

@wintgenstein @garfield every time I think something is Tuskys fault it actually ends up being jorts fault lmao

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