white leftists are still shy about bashing new atheism because they can't afford to confront their own islamophobia

it's so much easier to say "I hate all organised religions" than it is to examine white Christianity with the critical framework that it deserves (an explicitly anti-colonial one) and that's why so many white leftists go with that islamophobic shortcut

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When I hear white leftists say "I hate/have problems with all religions" my rational brain is telling me that they're just venting frustration about their Christian upbringing but thats completely covered by the blaring of my self-preservation alarms

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@garfield it is much easier to treat religion as some external force that you have managed to cast off instead of identifying the cultural assumptions baked into your culture's religion(s) that you have internalized

@garfield new atheism was nothing but a war-time sleight of hand trick that let liberal intellectuals pivot from "abolish the church!" to "abolish the Arab world!" without their audience batting an eyelash

@garfield I don't really get this take, as a white leftist atheist my experience is that New Atheism is what came about when leftist atheists and conservative atheists fought for control of the nascent atheist movement and the conservatives won decisively, pretty much every other leftist atheist I know ended up just dropping out of identifying with organized atheism as a concept rather than signing onto the new status quo

@jimpjorps @garfield some of the leaders (Dawkins being the big one) slid from one to the other but yeah, I think a lot of the members just drifted away, I know I did. Elevatorgate was the inflection point

@robotcarsley @jimpjorps @garfield yeah seriously mocking Harris/Dawkins/etc has been piss easy and well deserved for like a decade now

once liberals weren't stuck trying to pretend the Iraq war was good actually all the guys who'd hitched their cart to morally justifying it fell out of fashion for some reason

@jimpjorps I mean I'm not denying that leftist atheism exists, I would probably be considered a "leftist atheist" myself. but as a person whom people routinely assume is muslim ive just come to experience broad-strokes "i hate religion" statements as islamophobic dogwhistles, that;s what they are more often than not. i think the fundamental idea of a monolothic "religion" than can all be critiqued at the same time is irreparably flawed

@jimpjorps like im definitely not saying that atheism itself is inherently islamophobic. its just that my experience with people in my age group is that white leftists will routinely let these dogwhistles slip into their patterns of speaking and thinking and never engage with atheism critically

@garfield Yeaaaah. I'm starting to dip my toe in talking openly about my fear of New Atheism, but I'm like... On edge for when a New Atheist apologist inevitably tries to claim I'm a fundamentalist or something similar. It's a weird line to walk, to be honest.

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