so funny that this is a "petrobras presents" feature lmao

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spoilers for Bacurau 

the opening shot is such a cheeky allusion to the films genuine politics. like do you think if these were independent American mercenaries they would be able to control satellites? lmfao

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you'd think the film would become less suspenseful when you've already seen it but watching it again the scene with the map is somehow even more tense because I know what it's leading up to

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mild bacurau spoilers, sex work 

it's really cool to me that sex work is portrayed in the film as honest work and Tony Jr forcing the sex worker to come with him at the beginning is contrasted with the work that she does voluntarily with people in the town

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the way the town organises is so fucking inspiring... this is truly a feel-good movie

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I do genuinely think that Bacurau is a step forward for "action" films of the kind we haven't seen since the battle of Algiers. hollywood filmmaking is obsessed with making the fascist bad guys look cool and facilitating audience identification with them. Bacurau is the complete opposite of that. all the cool people are actually good lmao

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Bacurau's real clever about it too because it's not shy about the dependence of the fascist bad guys on this hollywood notion of "cool". it just acknowledges that such a portrayal of violence is poisonous, evil, and pathetic

Bacurau spoilers 

god the bit with the hand is fucking unwatchable holy shit

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ok so Bacurau is perfect. just the conclusion ive drawn from this rewatch

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@kioskwitch i think it's amazing! Can't guarantee you'll like it but i was blown away

@garfield oh nevermind apparently there is a trial, I will use that once I'm out

@garfield that would rule monarch, I will hold you to this once I make my escape

@kioskwitch sending love and encouragement to you in this endeavour 🙏🏻

@garfield had this bookmarked to come back after i watched, i agree with you, a genuine masterpiece

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