every time i see Females in a book shop i get so pissed lmao

@garfield this is even better if you know what book it is

@garfield No no Garf, I get it. First it's literacy, and then it's voting rights. Spooky stuff 🙀😛

@garfield i thought this was making fun of overly gatekeepy nerds at first

@garfield can’t believe you would just post something like this smh

@garfield you know how I made that post about you showing your ass??

Prescient 💅

@garfield buying my books of the intellectual darkweb to avoid garfs wrath.

@garfield this post does not meet our code of conduct, "be cool"

@garfield ok so
i thought you meant like, a sign in the bookstore that said 'females' like literature for females
then i read the replies and im losing my shit in the library which NEVER happens
what is the book females is it transphobic shit or

@skelltan @garfield It's Andrea Long Chu's book I haven't read anything about it so I have no idea if its good or not, but it references the SCUM manifesto apparently?

@skelltan @garfield Female supremacist 2end wave feminism. Literally men cannot exist in peace with each-other so women have to destroy all men. Its very provocative. too bad the author shot Andy Warhol

@HazelTheCrazyGoatLady @skelltan yeah, Chu has been celebrated by many critics as the rising star of trans theory. I wrote a review of Females if your curious:


For real, I thought it was still OK to use "female" as an adjective though not a noun. Then someone sneered "Ferrengi" at me and blocked. 🙄

@garfield everytime this comes back up i think about getting it on a t shirt

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