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imagine explicitly targetting someone because you perceive them as "racially ambiguous" and thinking your being antiracist

my sicko bathroom experience 

@garfield i like all the framed pictures and nice furnishings as if any of that will make up for the fact that you literally cant stand up all the way

any body copy pasting from reddit will be banned by the mods

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this is the fucked up toilet thread. post photos/videos/dramatic descriptions of the most fucked toilets youve witnessed

logging on to the internet today, and i better not see anything that makes me Cum!!

i don't see height. your the heightist one here as far as im concerned

on trial for the many crimes ive committed on this server, the prosectutor asks me: at one time, the account you had on "my ass todon dot x y z" had a bio which read "i am the rat of life, i am the bitch of forever". is that correct?

i can tell when mastodon is getting new users in because I start getting people replying to me to tell me that im garfeeil from the comics more regularly

*on tour with the person who predicted sikh male headwear*

here I am
on the road again
here I am
up on the stage
here I go
playin star again
there I go
turban sage

@garfield This is my shield! (I hold up a CW)
This is my sword! (I hold aloft an ironic shitpost)
I am already dead and my enemy cannot slay that which has died! To war! (I delete my account and go back to Twitter)

@garfield Was seriously just about to post that Stuttgart has been oddly quiet recently

as the War of the Posters escalates, battle lines are drawn up. accounts are at the ready, sharpening their subposts. the furries have declared war on the leibnizians. the ass themed instance is engaged in skirmishes with those of the goblin camp. amidst this chaos and uncertainty, one question is on everyone's lips: which side will the german fossbros take?

joe biden will be the first ever US president with depression

In inaccurately over-legislating identity as an essence, we reproduce the white concept of "the good" and "the bad" people of our given group, those who act according to racial codes and those who do not.

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It's sad that this needs repeating but "race" is something which is done to people. Racial "essences" are imposed to produce and exploit group-differentiated vulnerability towards premature death. The essences we produce in response are *strategic*, they are means, not ends. It is when we allow group essence to become an end in itself that we start lashing out against those who do not exactly fit that essence. We end up producing vulnerability on behalf of whiteness.

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imagine explicitly targetting someone because you perceive them as "racially ambiguous" and thinking your being antiracist

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