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imagine explicitly targetting someone because you perceive them as "racially ambiguous" and thinking your being antiracist

joe biden will be the first ever US president with depression

In inaccurately over-legislating identity as an essence, we reproduce the white concept of "the good" and "the bad" people of our given group, those who act according to racial codes and those who do not.

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It's sad that this needs repeating but "race" is something which is done to people. Racial "essences" are imposed to produce and exploit group-differentiated vulnerability towards premature death. The essences we produce in response are *strategic*, they are means, not ends. It is when we allow group essence to become an end in itself that we start lashing out against those who do not exactly fit that essence. We end up producing vulnerability on behalf of whiteness.

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imagine explicitly targetting someone because you perceive them as "racially ambiguous" and thinking your being antiracist

@garfield @wintgenstein @triz oh wow, you got a cast repro of your dick?

How much does it cost for a 1" dildo??

looks like I have once again been prescient as hell; and seen the future

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oh your staying home in accordance with government regulations? that's crazy. me and the boys are playing hungry hungry hippos on the bathroom floor

@garfield recommended reading for the garf-rico lurkers: they were her property, a book about white women's role in the slave economy of the southern united $nakes of Amerikkka

White women might think that highlighting the harm they do is just a token effort to remind them that they're white, to make sure they don't get off scot-free. They might think that their femininity means that they remain "less bad" than white men. This is not the case.

White women very specifically weaponise *their gender* to enact racist violence. White femininity, specifically, is harmful.

@garfield normally I like all your posts but I dont think i can bring myself to like this one

@garfield had this bookmarked to come back after i watched, i agree with you, a genuine masterpiece

white woman: it's ok if your nose looks Arabic 💗 for the longest time i was so ashamed but I have grown to love myself and my sand-n-word traits 💓

orbeez twink eye contact 

@garfield feeling old yet?

orbeez twink eye contact 

@garfield of course he's got a fucking pug. oh my god

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