@flowless3 if you walked into the USPS office with that look on your face i’d be checking for any bombs left under any desks cause my man’s is about to go postal

hey tech support when i put my dick in the machine it starts to suck me off? i thought it was a cheese shredder

she was a boy,
he was a girl

can i make it anymore obvious?

im a hoot at parties because i bring a tekken 7 set up and not because i dance with all the tias. don't believe the rumors

baiken in strive has possibly the most "breasting boobily" walk cycle i've ever seen in a video game

When my phone makes a loud noise to let me know they’re out here shooting at cops

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lt: friendly reminder your “carbon footprint“ as an individual human consumer is a scam made up by corporations to both guilt trip and misdirect you

o shit they got the diaper guys back for Yakuza like a dragon

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