people are dying from Covid. Just because you haven't seen it inside of your bubble doesn't mean its not happening to real people.

mask up, try to stay up inside. just try to be careful and mindful of what you are doing.

i got no respect for any mfer going to bars or restaurants right now. fuck you. stay inside

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i have been browsing twitter more lately because there are real people experiencing Covid and posting about their losses there. I am scared for them and their families. i scared for my family.

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@flowless2 its fucked up how much ppl don't care. legit gonna have to quit my job and never actually go back because its too dangerous.

@DriveBee @flowless2 exactly, you shouldn't have to explain how to care about other people.

@flowless2 anytime someone goes through the drive thru (only things open are dt and takeout) without a mask and is sneezing and coughing I want to throw hands

I can't even fucking imagine being a waiter, I would flip my shit

@lesbianhacker that shit is legit terrifying. people are being so casual about it

@flowless2 It's illegal to enter a business without a mask in my county

The police have already stated they will not enforce the laws, a nearby county voted to reopen completely against the governor's orders, another nearby county flipped out because the state didn't even tell them their application to open more was refused despite it being the literal worst county in the state

Going grocery shopping is terrifying and I get so fucking angry seeing fucking babies out there with no mask, their parents with no mask, nobody with a fucking mask

@lesbianhacker @flowless2 i can’t even post most of the stuff my wife deals with, it’s too enraging

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