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no one:

me: conflating wealth with morality is correct, actually. Being wealthy is immoral and being poor is moral.

Calvinists: NO NOT LIKE THAT

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how much horsepower does this tank have?

it weights how much?


as a representative of the Tankie community, I would like to go ahead and confirm Tankies ARE people who want to fuck tanks

wanna hear about the US' demon king of the sixth mcdonalds

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I would love a frosty bottle of gamer fuel right now where's the government subsidies for that

I lose every game of counter strike I play because as soon as my team starts as CT I throw

I'm both a tankie and an anarkiddie simultaneously I am the peak of Leftist Boogeymen, the buzzword synthesis.

no wretched creature lower than the US marine

maybe stop to consider how you're making the war criminals feel, eh

happy to announce the US does not have any military bases in my ass currently

(Actual CW: shitpost, war crimes) mh - 

you know, nobody ever asks me what it's like having to torture innocent civilians day in and day out. It really starts to weigh on your psyche after a while

China is an imperialist power in that they use their military-- *holds hand to ear* wait, I am just receiving word that they haven't been at war with anybody in 41 years

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This guy's toot has changed my life please give them a follow.

My fiance has a cousin in the army who just got engaged. Told her we're not going to the wedding lmaoooo

the most realistic thing in animal crossing is how your friends in the village always say "oh we should have a picnic sometime! let's hang out soon!" and then you never ever do

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