absolutely blown away reading a news article about how Pacific Gas & Electric was found negligent and using funds for extreme profits since back in the 80s up to as recent as the Camp Fires. That's almost 30 years of profiteering at the expense of human lives, environmental safety and major infrastructure risk. This is just stuff that is KNOWN.

No one has gone to jail or is being held accountable for this. Crimes of this scale aren't illegal if you are a company.

i am absolutely floored at the level of smugness the protected class has in regards to the crimes they commit in view of the public eye.

these are the people who are setting prices on healthcare. these corporate pigs are inhuman monsters.

its brazen, and its very disrespectful. there are 0 consequences. shutting the power off in a region that big is only going to hurt the poor and disabled. Suspiciously enough, the richest part of the region will stay online?

i wish to guillotine these scum.

"why hasn't the government stepped in?" one dumbass chimes in.

these guys are constantly and always lobbying local politicians. they are untouchable. you are going to see some politicians start hand wringing about dismantling this company but ultimately it wont happen. the money has to keep being funneled out. constantly and infinitely. when the politicians are finally removed they will have cushy jobs waiting for them at PG&E as some made up title.

@flowless they get away with murder while the cops are assaulting innocent proles for "talking back," i'm pretty sick of it

@flowless Kill one person, and you are a criminal. Kill a zip code and you're a politician.

@flowless Something has to change eventually, right? Capitalism isn't going to solve this one.

@devilcrayon @flowless it doesn’t “have to” change, people have to change it

@flowless even though companies are people (thanks, Citizens United) and can lobby like a person.

fucking ridiculous.

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