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daily reminder for whites (eapecially men) to shut the fuck up maybe

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welcome to my account.

bad shitposts
calls for violence against the state

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in my happy place,
the work bathroom single stall

wedding photo, no ec 

starting a support group for people living with a massive dick


i just saw nissan commercial about their car being β€œbuilt for the modern boss”. its a bunch of hapless workers chasing their boss down trying to get her to do something but she tells them to fuck off and peels off in her murano.

just shitted on ya doo doo ass -unknown person from online -kai (2019)

the phrase "summer sweater" makes me angry. unless you were just in a pool and now you're catching a chill sitting in the shade but even then just wear a towel like the rest of us you lovecraftian horror, you absolute non-euclidean ass motherfucker

can't sleep, been up all night thinkin about you, brother -HH

fall in love with me to be the first to hear about special offers

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A small latinx / chicanx community! Open to anyone from the culture cousins