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daily reminder for whites (eapecially men) to shut the fuck up maybe

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welcome to my account.

bad shitposts
calls for violence against the state

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@Louisa couldn't get the pants in the shot, but they are red. I'm counting this as a little goth because that's the Shining hotel in my shirt

You claim to want to succeed, and yet you make mistakes? Interesting...

selfie, ec, suited up! 


it was nice
to be a glass princess,
i'll admit.
gleaming exquisite,
transparently beautiful.
my laughter tinkled,
i shone
with ethereal light,
slender and elfin.

i just arrived on the scene. can someone do my makeup

cancer, grief 

Ootd, selfie ec πŸ–€ 


maybe w4neo, wee8oy and UwU can have a road race

I'm too nonbinary to look this good in a suit[Selfie- no EC]

@kioskwitch @pig ah. i’m making a pivot from #foss enby to agriculture enby

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