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Just making Japanese Kabuki noises at no one in the dark here.

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daily reminder for whites (eapecially men) to shut the fuck up maybe

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welcome to my account.

bad shitposts
calls for violence against the state

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back to my old avi. this one has more green and is therefore objectively better

if a white person is like "i have a take but its too spicy for the fediverse" its prolly just racist n they think they're slick for not saying the quiet part out loud


can I pretend date ppl? I wanna dress up nice and give somebody a bouquet of flowers or plastic dinosaurs on sticks or whatever and we eat at a table w a fancy table cloth on it and go for a walk in the dark and I brush my thumb against the back of their hand I'm holding and say "I had fun tonight" and it's soft and cute and there's no expectation of romantic or sexual gestures

So i bought some of those little powder packets you add to water bottles to make it iced tea, and i thought damn this is really sweet, like way too sweet. . And it turns out one packet is to make a large pitcher

Cute thing my cat does!

Pev really likes it when I surprise pet him, it makes him so happy. Does the little chirp, curls his tail around me, loves it

So, he's been trying to do the same to me. He tries to sneak up to me when I'm laying down on my phone or sleeping, and then pets me. He will only do it if I'm not paying attention, if I look at him during this, he'll back off until I look away again

So I play along and fake sleep so he can run up to me. Because I "wake up" and hug him each time

filtering boosts from my account means you wont see the sweet old content ;)

whenever i sit on the bog, my cat always comes in, bumping the door open, parks herself at my shins,

and demands that i assist her in a vertical stretch by pulling her body up by her armpits as she stretches upward to the sky,

then she plops onto my feet so i can give her bellyrubbinz

this is our ritual

you'd think the horrendous trash posting would keep people away

I am wishing I had all the clothes I wish I could wear

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