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Imagine you believe in amerika so much that you sign up to go kill da bad guys in the desert. Then you find out there aren't really that many bad guys to kill out there. Then you come back and you see the pigs treating everyone that looks like you like you would have treated those bad guys. Or hell maybe it even happens to you! What would you do?

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Watching the caron nicazio footage and then wondering why Dorner did what he did. Wondering why the other notable copkillers of the last 7 yrs (all veterans) did what they did.

This summer will be a sugar ay summer. I believe it extremely.

I wish daunte Wright jr had killed all of those pigs instead of running away and getting shot in the back.

Did you do it? Did the communist win the first rd of presidential elections in Peru?" "yes" "what did it cost?" "victory in the Ecuadorian presidential race."

Glenn did it. He's defending matt gaetz right to fuck teenagers. He has no objectivity anymore. All he cares about is his dipshit freak friends. This is officially a bad journalist.

Why do people think they gotta go to war with the libertarian left reporters by defending oz katerji, a fraudulent hack liar, and imperialist hoaxes they exposed to prevent war in Syria? There are actually bad and naive things they say that have nothing to do with hampering amerikkka's criminal terrorism.

I feel bad about posting this now, because even if that guy in Portland was an undercover and was assassinated, it was by US marshals, not the police. Which might not make it a coverup, but it definitely makes it a summary execution by a death squad.

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And the final kicker from the nyt: The cops can't even say he was firing at them or even pointing a gun at them. Just that he uh fired it uhh at Uhhh some point?

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Holy fuck: One of the key witnesses that feds are using is an 8 yr old boy who said the guy fired first and whose dad said the exact opposite.

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The feds said their investigation concluded he fired his gun at them before they riddle him with bullets even though his gun was found with a completely full clip in it.

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God the police really did assassinate the guy that killed the fascist in portland.

I wish she would record white snake's is this love? Which was originally intended for her and which is already great because she would make an excellent version also.

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Tina Turner truly one of the greatest amerikan musical artists.

I should be clear that his concerns are not based on anti vaxx bullshit and he's not an unsafe person. He caught the bug in fact because his wife has been teaching at a school the whole time. But he was holding out from getting the vaccine because he was concerned that it might compromise his immune system, which is something that can happen. So this is really a failure of society to present a solution that doesn't, uh, weaken people.

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Ah I have just learned that today is the anniversary of imperialist terror sponsor Margaret thatcher's death. Interesting!

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What are unionists even fucking mad about rn? Did the Irish even do anything? Go back to your own island already, creeps.

Almost had a heart attack because I confused youranoncentral (an op) with youranonnews (good and hates the former) for a second.

The only friend of mine who was afraid to get the vaccine (because of immune issues) just tested positive for the virus and has been extremely sick.

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