You can't be naive enough to think Russia really gives a fuck about denazifying Ukraine. Defend it on any other grounds than that even if Ukraine has a million of those roaches scurrying around. If the azov battalion were on their side they would love them.

If you wanna say it's good if Russia wins because those Nazis will lose I won't argue with you, but don't seriously act like this motherfucker is a communist. Don't act like he's fashstomper69. He's a realist and a head of state.

@enlightenedferalboy eh. they care about denazifying Ukraine on the grounds 'last time we were neighbors with a far right regime that considered Russians an existential threat it didn't go great for us'

hopefully nobody is stupid enough to believe that it's russia's primary motivator, but it's not a non-factor.

@bryceyoungquist exactly. These people are threats to them and ethnic Russians so they have to fight them. But they could give a fuck about them being Nazis.

@enlightenedferalboy putin's ideal outcome in Ukraine is someone with Azov Batallion's ideology but with the word "Russia" find/replaced with "NATO" getting put in charge, so, hilariously, he's even following the western template for what denazification means

history does not repeat, but it sure does rhyme

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