Lol big pharma doesn't want to release patents for vaccines because then china and Russia could get mrna tech. Oh no! They might cure more diseases for free that we won't cure because we are greedy parasites!!

Maybe they're just actually afraid that nations that claim to reject amerika's liberal capitalism will be able to disprove "human nature" horseshit that anticommunists love pretending is real.

@enlightenedferalboy China's first mRNA vaccine is entering phase III trials soon. So it's not like the plan to keep such tech out of their hands is working out either.

@enlightenedferalboy This does not make sense at all. The thing about patents is that they are actually public, but their usage is legally regulated. So China and Russia can already read all the patents, are just legally prohibited from using them – and they might just not care.
Are you sure you're not talking about trade secrets?

@schmittlauch no you're misunderstanding. Yes the patents are available for use with vaccines for covid, but if the patents are released then china and Russia could use the mrna technology to develop vaccines for cancer and heart problems. And the big pharmaceuticals wouldn't not be able to make money off of their potential vaccines.

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