If you listen to rw media the Democrat strategy on China is to lull them into a false sense of security and seduce them into amerikanism. Which is a sound strategy if you acknowledge the true fact that China has already won the struggle for hegemony. Personally I'm not sold democrats are that competent.

Republicans are mad that Biden is allowing Chinese nationals on college campuses in hopes of turning them into amerikan patriots because they think amerikan students are smarter and more worthy of their privilege. lol and lmao

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Biden is failing on China and also his support of Taiwan is putting everything in jeopardy. He should stop protecting Taiwan. And also be meaner to china?? Just like Trump.

I am calling on president Brandon to stand down with regard to Taiwan. Sir, we must focus on our own realm. Please take heed of my words.

Anyone that has ever made a baby pepe the frog to represent themselves needs to be institutionalized. You're fucked up.

Had lunch with President Biden today. He agreed with me that the nurses are kinda mean and the jello the cafeteria serves is really good. We played some fun records on his player and then he took his nap for the day. I will see him again next Monday.

Every batman movie from now on should have a different nirvana song as its theme.

Vibes are feeling weird today. People are driving weird. Weather is weird. Late lunch.

Having Bolivian food for lunch. Fuck anyone who dares offend those people.

twitter.com/marcorubio/status/ love how this is presented without comment like he thinks everyone will automatically hate it. Thank you president Biden. You're doing amazing.

The neoliberal defense of the republican agenda of enslaving the middle and working class to solve inflation is "we can't solve inflation by taxing the rich because amerikans only trust Republicans to solve inflation... because they don't know that the republican agenda to solve inflation is to put them in unimaginable debt and because democrats won't tax the rich and solve unflation."

Could be cynical pandering, could just be rational reaction to the success of aquamarine. But unfortunately it will work on me.

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Oh God haha marvel is making namor the submariner Mexican and Atlantis is aztlan/tenochtitlan.

Uhh why is the government thug who did ayotzinapa chilling with his weapons dealer business buddy in tel Aviv, safe from extradition??

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@enlightenedferalboy Chomsky used to comment about Neonazis being trained by "Israelis" in South America. Never looked into it, but that relationship has to be many decades old.

The same way democrats lose when they amplify Trump style Republicans they would win if they amplify Rick Scott who only talks about boring shit like the deficit and whose only plans to fix things is to privatize everything and give israel more money.

I wanna move to Marjorie Taylor green's congressional district. I know it smelling nasty in there.

Go back to your own smelly damp island and leave us all alone you freak.

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It's like a taunt when there's some fucking incest pig with a British accent on rw radio or TV talking about amerika like they know more about it than you. But of course fox was started by an Australian in the first place so what bigger taunt could there be?

Think it's useful to call a racist mass murderer a white terrorist even if you prefer not to legitimize the word terrorist. The descriptor "white" goes beyond any racial connotations and implies the financial or motivational funding sourced from imperial or capitalist actors. Which is true.

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