If you are a conservative in florida don't listen to the fake news liberal media. The hurricane will not hit you. They're just trying to scare you into wasting your money on supplies and groceries. Stay where you are and you'll be fine.

Attention all conservatives: there is too much fentanyl everywhere. You and your children and the cops are not safe. You should all stay indoors or move to a desert island to avoid it. If you touch even a little bit of it you will die.

Conservatives heroes: Christopher Columbus, Pizza hut, the little mermaid

Fetterman stands for every single issue that these fuckfaces are on TV every night saying they do right down to looking like their intended audience. He also isn't faking it and still manages to stand up for liberal values. This is the type of candidate that is exactly what critics of liberals are asking for cuz they see fox news people faking it better than regular liberals. Why aren't they supporting this guy? Why is fox news trying to tear him down?

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It's amazing how this is constantly being illustrated by the reaction to John fetterman. If you introduced him without identifying him as a Democrat he would be on fox news every day getting the easiest softball shit to tee off on. He might even actually be a fucking op but because he has the d next to his name our demonic propaganda outlets have the green light to try to destroy him, even in the service of a hopeless fraudulent loser.

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I am calling for a complete and total shutdown of inbred European elitist catholics until we figure out what the hell is going on. Please stop making me look at their faces it's the only thing worse than seeing their horrible words.

It really is staggering how nasa with the budget of a fucking elementary school transportation department just proved we have the power to save human life from certain doom at the hands of a potential sinister asteroid, but that this can't prove that SpaceX, a company that always blows up its own rockets and is run by an idiot whose other company is a cia drug trafficking front that makes cars specifically designed to blow up and run over children, a complete failure.

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The parasitic conservatives who yap farts out of their mouths all over YouTube all day are now claiming that models never accuse anyone of sexual assault and it's always "unattractive women." I didn't think it would take them this long to move on from Jeffrey epstein and ghislaine to actively helping to memoryhole and cover up the crimes of epsteins friends Jean luc brunel and les wexner. And uhhh DONALD FUCKING TRUMP. Fascinating.

Snowden might have legit been cia and he might be giving secrets to Russia but you're even dumber and more fucking naive than the people who don't believe this if you think he had any other choice and that it's somehow justice that he's imprisoned there by Obama while he sits in Martha's vineyard.

"100 Philadelphia teens vandalize local wawa" good. Sheetz gang bitch. Mother fuck to wawa.

Roger waters still speaks out for dissidents killed by the Iranian revolution. It is nice to see he has integrity and does not just blindly pick the right cases and that he has not changed his stances.

It's insane how nasa, begun as a nazi secret society ufo cult and devolving into a pointless government agency where funding goes to die cuz they never answered the fundamental questions of the universe (as far as we know), is still a million times more important and successful than any of the vanity project scams that amerikas most annoying billionaires could ever imagine just because its purpose is not profit but public good.

John fetterman is a crip who is also in nine inch nails is what Republicans are resorting to now. This is fucking sad. These people run the world and they are being brought to their knees in Pennsylvania by a hopeless tv quack doctor.

Yes I agree we should be asking why not even social democrats can win "free and fair" elections saying the same populist things, which they actually have a will and means to accomplish. I'm sure it's because they're just not good enough at electoral politics and violent blood soaked fascists are. And them winning proves that amerika and Italy are the freest liberal democracies on earth. But also, liberals are threatening freedom by discarding their ideals??

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"Instead of throwing a temper tantrum, the left should ask why this fascist rat just won an election saying populist shit that there is no chance they will accomplish while when the smartest and most effective social democrat is close to actually accomplishing just one of those populist goals with absolute democratic ideals backing them up, they get their fucking head blown to goddamn smithereens."

Just found out the new family code passed in Cuba. Cope and seethe you fucking backward ass conservatives who have held these people back for decades.

Folks if I've said it once I've said it a million times: the different states and regions of Germany and Italy should never have been allowed to reunite following the second world war.

You have to be really naive and stupid to have believed that the waivers republican clowns got those migrants to sign weren't both done off of bribes and in language those people cannot read, as they insisted and as is now being debunked by simple reporting.

Ahmadinejad is clearly pandering by being pro hijab choice, but he's also making total sense with his arguments. Hard to see that not opening some eyes, especially if it's just to make them realize that it's a waste of time to care so much about this.

Average Iranians who have little to no contact with western liberal defectors on think-tank payroll: the Islamic Republic must be reformed. It is unsustainable and tyrannical. A majority of Iranians will do this work ourselves by protests and violence if necessary.
Western liberal defectors who haven't done a lick of actual work in decades other than drumming up support for amerikan led intervention: wow good job! I did this. It's mine now. You're welcome.

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