Biden is a way better president than Trump. It's not even close in any aspect rn.

Hornets are the most psychotic of all the insect predators and they will die trying to get a sip of a sweet drink.

Truly fucking psycho how even as Syrian rebels continue to kill and maim out of cope for losing the Syrian civil war despite Amerika and nato backing, the media can't bring itself to admit that maybe they were on the wrong side.

Zionists: leave him alone!!! I don't care how many people he killed!!!
Kissinger: who da fuck is this and why do they sound Russian?

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Eternally insanely comical for Zionists to defend the honor of Henry fucking Kissinger, who couldn't give two ratfucks about Israel, just because he's Jewish.

Trump statement on Colin Powell is absolutely chefs kiss. What a king

The only cool thing Democrats have done in the last 10 yrs has been mandating masks and then not following their own orders, to no consequences.

I don't understand what the big deal is if the media is so untrustworthy that nobody trusts it like all the morons claim to be concerned with. Seems to me like that's the way it should work.

Obviously the history of racial lynchings in this country is horrific beyond compare. But there is a direct thorough line from them to modern political assassinations and realizing that is the only way to make sense of the fact that every activist that has been murdered by the pigs in the last few years has been victim to both lynching and political assassination.

Colin Powell was bad because he endorsed Barack Obama. Not gonna research anything else he did. Not reading replies. Thanks and blessings

Christian fascist forces in the middle east love making shit up about how Muslim socialists persecute Arab christians and then it turns out that they pay fucking Al Qaeda and Israel to slaughter Christians that don't buy into their line.

I'm seeing like a million posts making fun of people pleading for Colin Powell to be respected and exactly no posts actually asking for that.

80s mcdonald's mascot 

(2/2) so anyway, apparently theyre auctioning off the original head, and i learned today...he has eyes! why the fuck would he have eyes!

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80s mcdonald's mascot 

(1/2) for the younger people here (basically everyone qualifies compared to me), in the 80s, mcdonald's had this commercial featuring this guy called "mac tonight". i thought he was horrifying when i was a child

Republicans should keep making fun of paternity leave and free daycare. You're def not alienating working families go ahead keep doing it dude keep pretending you still stand up for those people at the same time everybody buys it.

I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed at a Dave chappelle joke. I still like chappelles show stuff, but the last thing I saw was the thing he did about George Floyd. That was good, but it wasn't comedy. Not sure what he's doing now is either tbh. Whatever

Seems like a really bad precedent that Amerika is setting to arrest a diplomat for evading sanctions to feed the people.

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