This partly in thanks to the fact that she pulled strings with said supreme court justice to get her awful idiot daughter (whom she was, again, the tiger mom of) a job clerking for him too.

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"The tiger mom was the coworker of a supreme court justice and also pimped coeds for him and her husband" is an extremely underrated storyline of the trump administration.

Have just learned mick Jagger and Dave group made a satirical song about the pandemic and anti vaxxers. What a gift to the internet

It's so fucking funny watching people inform the left over and over again that they have discovered that corporations are cynically co-opting wokeness to gain sympathy. No fucking shit, guys!

It's really funny that the two most famous communists in the history of the world were named lenin and Lennon. Not reading replies. Thanks.

Paul McCartney hosted a viewing party for the buddy holly story. Keith moon went to it and then died.

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If I was blase compaore, I would simply realize I no longer have any incentive not to rat out the French special forces and CIA thugs that helped me destroy sankara. Just saying!

"I don't trust a Goddamg vaccine. You ain't stickin that needle in my arm and trackin me with your damn nanochips bill gates."
Obama: What if a bunch of celebs and I told you it was good?
"Oh ok now I'll do it."

It'd be really cool to start a happy mob that just runs through the city like the drew Carey show.

Doing a fun thing where I look up all the people replying to Glenn Greenwald about freeing mumia, who is dying from severe medical and physical torture, (and leonard peltier) and seeing how easily he ignores them.

Mind blowing experience. And then I turned around to view the komodo dragon which did the same exact thing.

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Gf and I went to the zoo on Saturday and saw a giant ass python slither around itself and stare directly at us for five whole minutes through the glass.

alternate reality where performative maoism becomes popular among internet radlibs and you see people self id-ing as "AmeriKKan Para$ite" in bio

Lmfao just saw where somebody compared tumblr purges to the debaathification of Iraq.

Fascists: Hmmm how do we stop migrants?
Everyone: Stop trafficking drugs and exploiting workers and poor people. Spend more money on social welfare. Stop polluting the environment and making it unlivable.
Fascists: Ah im hearing "give more money to central American police forces to beat them up."

Libertarians: Epstein was Mossad! It's disgusting what all of these people have done!
Normal people: Yes, this is awful. Allowing people of power avenues to torture children and then blackmailing them is evil!
Libertarians: No I meant just the blackmailing part.

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It's like half of the people that claim to hate the deep state only hate it because it tries to entrap them into abusing child slaves in order to blackmail them into lobbying for israel or more human trafficking.

All of the fucking rats defended the pigs for shooting and killing daunte Wright before they knew the facts and now the police are admitting that the pig that shot him IN THE BACK thought he was firing his taser and not his gun. They're admitting they fucked up because they want sympathy and don't want what they have coming to them after all of the monsters said they were right to do that.

This is the same point Dave Chappelle was trying to make last summer, by the way. And nobody paid attention to it because he took a shit on candace Owens and that was more interesting.

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