Howdy folk! It's that time again, where I need folks help to steal digital textbooks:

Oliver, Gillian & Ross Harvey. Digital Curation 2nd edition. 2016.

Prom, Christopher J., ed. Digital Preservation Essentials. 2016.

Shallcross, Michael and Christopher J. Prom, eds. Appraisal and Acquisition Strategies. 2016.

Boosts encouraged, thanks!

@ajroach42 these sound up your alley; if I get them want me to forward them along to you?

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@emsenn Know the publisher? There was a drop of springer books, none of these look familiar though

@RedFuture it looks like the first is straight from the american library assocation? the second two are from chicago society of american archivists

I have a link list which may be a bit out of date but links to a bunch of libraries that may have these:

@emsenn i see someone else found appraisal and acquisition strategies already. so the only outstanding one is "Digital Curation"

@restioson actually your second link just talks about the book, isn't the book


Do you want us to download them or send you to where you can get them?

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