One of the people staying in one of the building's airbnb is, I think, not renting it - is just staying there, friends with the leaseholder, and confessed today "food's becoming an issue" which was a bummer to hear since I know he's got a toddler up there, so I set them up with sliced bread, jelly, peanut butter, salad, showed them where they can cut from my garden beds for more produce, a couple premade meals.


It's difficult though because he was clearly very uncomfortable admitting the difficulty, let alone accepting support: it's /rough/ for people to admit they need the same basic help that the most destitute in our society need: food.

Especially to someone younger than him, who is decked out in like, anarchist livery.

But he did it anyway and that says a lot about where we're heading as a community.

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It's an interesting thing doing street distribution too:

"Hey there, would you like some free food? I have prepackaged meals, baked sweet treats, and bread."

"Oh, uh. I'm not homeless."

"You don't have to be to need food! Would you like some?"

And then, they think about it. And some people say yes, and some people say no: but they think about it. they think about their relationship with food. Food's relationship with society. Just for a moment, just for that circumstance, but they think.

(Yes, correct: I don't /just/ distribute food to the homeless. They take priority, but there are lots of people with walls and nothing else. Lots of homeless with more food than they can eat. How this food gets distributed is usually a group effort between me and the people on the streets.

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Why do I give food to everyone? Because it's, as I said, about building a culture of abundance: if /everyone/ knows that food is there for them, the employed and the homeless, everyone in the working class, then they all can feel a little less burdened. The homeless can take a break from begging to chat amongst themselves. (The first step of orgnaization.) The employed can take a break to look at their place in the world (the first step of agitation)

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i think the difference between my theory and the conquest of bread theory, i talked it over with a homeless person who was big into kropotkin earlier today, is that my sense of abundance does not come from the labour of humans, but is an innate quality of the earth.

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@emsenn the only time I ever read something like that growing up was when I went digging and stumbled onto daniel quinn's "ishmael", but I still don't know what to think about that book

@amphetamine i've had that book recommended to me strongly by someone here but i forgot all about it until right now

@emsenn @amphetamine I've read it twice. It makes some good points and I feel like it's a real easy way to ease someone into theory.

@emsenn I like your theory better, in that case.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

@emsenn the way someone important to me phrases it is we have to build a world where normal is everyone eats.

@emsenn this happens with Food Not Bombs here all the time, or people try to pay us because they "aren't homeless or starving" like no, the whole point we're trying to make is that communities should be able to feed themselves without relying on consumerism, the food in the community already belongs to you: why would you pay for what is yours?

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