Required reading, right now. It took me about ~12 minutes to read it out loud, slowly, to my partner. Read it.

Walk away.

@emsenn You're right, I needed to re-read it.

Yet, I still don't know what I'm doing next.

@starkatt I don't know if you have to yet? From your posts you seem to be taking a big chunk of each day to re-examine your relationship with the world. just keep that up? forever, lol.

@emsenn The world is designed to make Something Different -- and especially the process of getting there -- to be literally unimaginable.

I feel the walls but I don't see past them.

@starkatt I don't think you have to! in decolonization is not a metaphor they tlak a lot about this.

@emsenn I don't need to know where we're going, but I need to know what a next step looks like.

@emsenn ...right. Small actionable things. Like emailing the neighbors to follow up.

@starkatt i gotcha - next steps are important. they're hard to decide on with so many variables in play :\ just gotta pick one sometimes.

In war situations, often, information is intentionally discarded to reduce the complexity of the model, so that a more tactical decision can be made.

It does not lead to the /best/ decisions but due to the urgency and ever-shifting nature, the best decision is the wrong goal: you need a goal that lets you move on to the next action, to build a pattern 1/n

@starkatt of opportunistic responsive actions that move you forward through the situations.


@emsenn I feel like I've been trying to walk away for a while now, but I have no idea where I'm going or even how to get away from Omelas, because no matter where I go, it follows.

@ALWETP works for me, try again later? em linked an audio version too

@emsenn uh, if I click on it from masto, I get the cached version my phone already downloaded. Anyone else I send it to, or if I click the link from any other location, it comes up with a file not found error

@emsenn oh yeah, sorry, I meant to post my mirror, but I got distracted. I was mostly just letting you know. Sorry if I came across as hostile. :heart_trans:

kinda offtopic 

kinda offtopic 

This made my soul curl up in fright. At the thought that I want to leave but I don't know where to go. I know it's small actions that build community, but community implies interaction with people and I'm just not good at that due to factors outside my control.

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