Last night I got given something like, I dunno, legit 200 loaves of bread (all baked by local bakers, voluntarily, with local flour, donated) and so texted all the tenants asking if anyone wanted bread.

A few said yes and they were /so/ uncomfortable when, in response to them saying "thank you," I said:

"No need: the food is provided as mutual community aid, not charity, by us local anarchists."


It made them all /so/ uncomfortable to take the free food.


One of them legit said, "Oh - nevermind then."


"I don't want stolen bread."

"It... wasn't stolen. It was made by volunteers."

"Oooh, y'all are a non-profit?"

"No, we're anarchists."

"I don't understand."

"Correct - just take the bread and we'll talk about it again soon."


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Also, I have continually under-estimated the wider community's willingness to contribute aid, and keep running out of space to triage the supplies. Good problem to have.

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@emsenn I'll always be astounded by how much critical thinking skills have failed in modern society.

@emsenn Like what did they think you did, fucking rob a bread van? Break into a bakery?

@Anarkat It's funny to me because I heard some of the residents, when I was inside, talking about how like crap they've been eating, canned and frozen pre-packaged foods, bags of potato crisps, so on.

Meanwhile me and the other anarchists and people we work with - which could include them if they wanted - are eating fresh local grown organic produce and bread, prepped by local chefs.

It's almost like cooperation has benefits.

@emsenn will anarchist bread change your blood chemistry to turn you into a commie, is the real question here though 🤔

@lj_writes I feel like you'll appreciate the pedantry but I actually don't identify as any sort of communist. My preferred term for my philosophy, if I gotta give it a label, is "anarcho-confederalism"

Basically, anarchy at the individual level, with interactions being through organizations from which members can voluntarily withdraw themselves.

The only community we have to be a part of is the universe.

@emsenn Ooh, I like that my purposefully silly interjection prompted an actually thoughtful response XD What's the difference between anarcho-confederalism and anarcho-syndicalism, in your opinion? Individuals can withdraw from syndicates too, can't they? I'd think that would be necessary for any kind of anarchism, by definition.

@lj_writes A lot of syndicates aren't as voluntary - you have termed contracts, for example.

Additionally many coordinate through /federation/, not /confederation/, the difference being that a federation must vote for a member to leave.

Under anarcho-confederalism, every entity maintains its sovereignty at all times, while most other forms of anarchy allow the person to cede it, if they consent.

@lj_writes It's different perceptions of freedom:

Most anarchists (who happen to have western ideas) think the ultimate freedom is the ability to say who you're a slave to.

I think the ultimate freedom is the inability to do.

@lj_writes (As far as I know, "anarcho-confederalism" is p much my belief, like i made it up, not read about it, to be clear. Not to invalidate it but you aren't gonna be able to search it up online lol)

@emsenn Heh I made a living studying white men's laws, which are all about *predictability* and *cost-benefit analysis*, basically pretending that you can control the future and that people are fundamentally selfish fucks who need to be compelled at some level in order to be dependable--so I'm not surprised these fundamentally un-anarchistic ideas made their way into even anarchists' thinking. I mean they made "anarcho-capitalism" a thing so 😂

@lj_writes I think the ideas were /born/ that way: they're a product of their culture, like anyone's ideas are.

@emsenn We really need other models of anarchism, because relying on white people for theory and practice just ain't gonna cut it. European ideas got us into this mess in the first place lmao

@emsenn Mess media has made sure for decades that anarchism is associated with bad things.

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