holy fuck if people could stop stepping closer to me to talk to me.

I feel like that Elmer Fudd/Bugs Bunny skit where they keep drawing the line in the sand?

I bakced up to maintain 6 feet, they closed it bac kto 2. I eventually was legit with my back against the wall. :|

@emsenn lol I've been thinking of exactly that too. Someone was coughing into the air and inching towards me yesterday. I would've said something but it doesn't feel right to tell a homeless person that they need to do things to uphold the system that has abjectly failed them

@emsenn I feel this so deeply.

I'm not a person who normally has personal space to speak of, but right now I'm uncomfortable if someone gets less than 6 feet away from me.

@RandomDamage I feel ridiculous backing up how to do they not feel ridiculous chasing me?

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