Sabotabby explains how our society relies on unpaid labour, undermining the notion of "wages" and "productivity" entirely

@hummingrain you boosted something that reminded me of this.

More people need to recognize the invisible labour of our society, and that if we paid a "fair wage" for everything provided to us, the whole thing would fall apart.

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Now that folk in the west are feeling coronavirus: how important is it that this unpaid labour continues on even through this pandemic, and are you properly appreciating it?

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@emsenn indeed! Same with job roles that are not "valuable enough" to be done by full-time employees with expensive benefits, and instead get farmed off to contingent workers. Most companies would grind to a halt without these.

My gripe is US centric so hopefully it's better in some countries (though I suspect it's also worse in others -- ohai Chinese Xinjiang concentration camp forced labor)

@michel_slm I think the specifics are usually local, but the segregation of work into "official, sanctioned, rewarded," and "unofficial, invisible, exploited," seems to be a consistent facet of most modern societies. The term "kyriarchy" is my preferred catch-all to refer to these sorts of oppression-reliant socio-economic systems: helps provide a focus on the root cause rather than worrying about whataboutisms.

@emsenn I love this a lot! a lot of people look back on "wages for housework" like it was literally about the money... "undermining the notion of productivity entirely" is such a perfect way to understand it

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