There's /so/ much work in communities it's ridiculous we have under-employed people or people employed doing absolute bullshit.

Do y'all know, that most rural fire departments in the USA, volunteers scrub the hoses by hand after they're used?

It takes /hours/.

So sometimes it just... doesn't get done, because it's not feasible to, if they don't have backup hoses to put on the truck while they're cleaning, in case they get another call. Or it has to be coordinated with other dpts

(Our local (paid) fire department recently got a thing that's specifically for cleaning fire hoses and I got sent a video of them using it, made me think of this example.

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roads: *falling apart*
green areas: *eroding to clay*
park equipment: *broken*
public buildings: *paint peeling*

all my friends: *working like 50h a week serving drinks and meals to the people in town who work for multinational conglomerate corporations that have no direct benefit to the community except tax revenue which is largely deferred... just like the maintenance... until it's unobtainable and new revenue streams are pursued to offset it but then the maintaince costs more...*

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And the white collar folk? They get grumpy at the bad roads during their commute, but they live in private subdevelopments with nice roads and good services, so all those problems above are someone else's problem, and just a thing they have to drive through on their way to and from work.

Their community? this weird projection they have of a globalized world, where they... don't actually have any community, because they feel equally lonely from everyone in their 8bil-people community. :\

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I know I just keep coming back to this, but settler-folk have made everything about life incidental to living, so the only thing that matters are their constructs and institutions and refining those.

And the more tense things get, the more it is they lean into that.

We gotta give 'em other roads forward, as unpalatable as it is to care about bougie folk.

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I guess this goes back to my side-toot about the Fediverse not being real.

I think it genuinely is the closest thing most people have to a "real" world because it's an analog of their real world of constructs, but, defined almost entirely by themselves.

We gotta provide /real/ communities. And they totally can be online, but not like... this community we have here, tbh.

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I just...

I dunno. It's ridiculous that I have people who have never met me - don't even /follow/ my /microblog/, who agree to give me a share of their wages so that I can make my community better. (Talking about folk who donate through my website)

Isn't that just wild?! Like I can get money... from the global populace... with lower barrier than my own community.

Cause I can just ask y'all, but if I went door to door here, i could get arrested! (enforcement against solicitation is strong here

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