me: y'all stop using X service it talks straight-up to the cops

y'all: eh i'm careful about what i say and don't really care

me: i would like to talk about real shit and do care.


for real: recognize your choice in tech scopes who will be willing to talk to you and what they say. So many people use Discord, use Amazon, and yes, "it's easy and I don't care" is a valid reason for yourself, but do you not care enough to consider other people's cares?

it's a catch-22 of "we don't organize online because the tools aren't safe" and "we don't bother setting up safe tools because we don't organize online anyway"

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"talking online can /never/ be safe" says the nerd, forgetting that cops can just... set up a laser on a rooftop higher than yours and hear most anything said in your unit.

Ignoring the... fucking smartphone with the billion mics in their pocket, the webcam aimed across the living room, etc? ????

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practice good security hygiene when it's already easy and low-risk (online) and you'll have the habits in real life.

don't just... be bad at important things because it's hard?

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the notion that you have to watch what you say also ignores that so much of this intelligence work goes into building up a corpus of possibly-but-not-clearly harmful material on you, so that you CANNOT radicalize,or else that old information becomes evidence of such.

Like you talking shit about <candidate> today? Totally fine.

What you said today, if you decide to be an insurgent in 5 years?

Will be why the media doesn't even cover your trial.

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@emsenn whenever anyone says "i have nothing to hide" i like to say "you don't get to decide that if you give up your privacy"

@wolfpede @emsenn I like to ask them for their wallet and PIN for their cards

@wolfpede @emsenn It is also a matter of what those looking consider a problem.

@emsenn This is part of why I try to have multiple ways people can contact me.

@emsenn The whole "Only bad people need to worry" argument I hear in a lot of cases like this really doesn't work well when "the bad people" can mean literally anyone people in power don't like. This is also one of the reasons I don't like having certain tech in my house, and will disable certain "features" on tech I have on my person at all times. Still trying to figure out how to completely disable Google Assistant on my phone...

@Cilich I've gotten to where I will make people unplug their smart assistants if I'm visiting them, and recently cancelled an appearance because they were not willing to.

Let's all do our part to normalize, uh, not being exploited literally constantly?

@Cilich @emsenn Not to mention the fact that the mass surveillance has literally swept up all of us as it is, with pretty much nothing (right now) to show for it.

The innocents have already had their constitutional rights violated, and their records archived.

So the next time you go to ask for a raise to cover increasing rent prices, your boss can call ICE, and then ICE gets the info from the NSA/FBI/CIA, and you get your citizenship revoked even if you were born here.

@Cilich @emsenn So even the "innocent" have ticking time bombs attached to them under mass surveillance.

All it takes is one screw up, one thing that someone in the owner class doesn't like, and the "innocent" can be thrown into a concentration camp with the rest of the "illegal immigrants" that dared to ask the ruling class if they could improve their lives somewhat.

@Cilich @emsenn That's how fascism operates, and that's how the USA's government is operating right now.

We've already seen people's citizenships get revoked by ICE during the raids that companies have called on their own workers when they try to unionize. They can come for any of us at any time.

@KitsuneAlicia Right: this is exactly what I'm saying. It's not about saying something that is incriminating against who you are now, it's that if you say anything that could be incriminating to yourself, if you were different, you suddenly have made it so you can never be that different person.

Like, joke about bombing buildings when you're 13? Better remember that when you're a PhD and 40, writing your lectures: better never ever mention anything but non-violence. @Cilich

@KitsuneAlicia People think a credit score is scary and limits what actions they'll take financially, every word you say more or may not be recorded, lots of us /know/ this deeply enough to feel it, and then go "but that's not changing what I say, nope"! like... I dunno. @Cilich

@emsenn @Cilich Oh, we *know* we're holding back. There's so much shit we don't say simply because of how much we've complained about recurring problems with our living situation and been shut down already.

For all the times we have complained, which is already several times a month, there's easily 20 times as many events we don't complain about.

@emsenn @Cilich So if we're already censoring ourselves there, we can't even begin to imagine how much is left unsaid due to the threat of essentially death due to the ruling class' surveillance that we know they have on us.

@KitsuneAlicia @Cilich

I like your pivot here of highlighting that it's both because the state will abuse what you say, but /so will the audience/:

Can't tell you how much shit I know about that doesn't get said in public because folk are scared of the "straight gaze" or "white gaze" co-opting and reworking what they've said to hurt another marginalized group, or even themselves.

@emsenn @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich i was at the sentencing trials for some of the ELF defendants way back, and when the judge was investigating if they should use "enhanced charges for terrorism" the prosecutions evidence was the video tapes and zines they had lying around, and the fact that their apartment was cluttered. the state will use anything against you it can in a trial. if they will use what you read and the state of your cleanliness against you, then we all better believe they will use old social media posts

@showerpickles @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich

Honestly I'm real glad folk are getting what I'm saying here like, you aren't gonna save yourself by saying things low-key or not saying anything at all, unless you legit just never plan on challenging the kyriarchy, in which case like, just be up front about that: save us all some time.

@emsenn @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich not too long ago it was common to dump cell phones in a freezer during a meeting, and now people look at me like i'm losing my mind when i suggest it

@showerpickles @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich

right? "oh but what if something happens?" What/!? it's right there, feet away still!

It shows like, I think, a lack of understanding of the seriousness of what they're involving themselves in: it's not a book club to read hardy boys, it's a discussion about how to stop global genocides?! putting down the phone should be taken EAGERLY as an opportunity for an easy thing to do to inhibit it.

@showerpickles @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich I get to this point real quickly in political rhetoric these days: "Either these are real and serious problems or they aren't. And if they were, y'all wouldn't be nitpicking over whatever crap we now are."

@showerpickles @emsenn can't believe this is no longer common practice tbh.

You can even see the same people who complain about facebook/etc spying on them through their microphone showing up to actions/protests/etc with their friggin phone out, just straight up doing the cop's jobs for them.

@BunnyHearted @showerpickles

And if you object? "What, are you planning violence? We don't want that here, please leave."

Like no I just don't want you... god. Fuck.

No sense of the scale of things, that this like, y'know, a global class struggle and we're going against the most powerful organization humanity has ever organized?


@emsenn @showerpickles Or even if they are there literally planning/doing <stuff> (whether criminalized or just stuff likely to be met with a police response) and their phone is there 'just in case'.

in case what? in case the police <somehow> know your exact movements?? lol

@emsenn aww yay! I didn't draw it, it's just a pic from my favourite adventure time episode :).

@BunnyHearted I know! It's such a good episode!

No wonder I feel a thousand petals
I'm walkin' by cherry blossoms in the sky
Feels exciting to be living
No wonder I feel so tired of talkin'
There's so much to take in today
I'm humming like washing machines through the window
And feeling glad that I saw you in your favorite jeans
Feels so friendly when you say hello
No wonder I want to wrap you up and take you home
I'm looking forward to the chance to meet again
But then again it all depends…


🎵 Suddenly I'm not so sure

That intentions can be pure

If I could just throw all my doubts into the wind

I think that they'd come back again 🎵 :blobmiou:

(it is just so chill!)

@BunnyHearted i just recently watched the rest of the show - i'd only seen about through season 6 - and omg such a fantastic story.

I've been working on slowly explaining it through my perspective, as how it can be a good basis for a non-colonial moral philosophy

@emsenn I think it totally can be, yeah!

I love how it feels as if both the show-writers and characters are maturing and really coming into themselves as the show goes on too. I remember thinking it was pretty cute but little else in the early seasons - and then I was totally blown away when I decided to give the rest of it a watch a couple years ago. So good!

animation history, possible mansplaining 

animation history, possible mansplaining 

animation history, possible mansplaining 

animation history, possible mansplaining 

animation history, possible mansplaining 

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@showerpickles @emsenn @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich

Agencies have long since learned to pick up on groups of phones losing signal simultaneously though. Gives them a nice map of who is at the meeting.
Put your phones in a different room where they can't pick anything up but don't block their signal or turn them off.

@queeranarchism @emsenn @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich best practice is to leave it at home. but all practices need to be threat modeled and then decided upon.

we are good at this in physical space: we bring black bloc, masks, gloves, maylox to protests, but you don't bring that stuff on your trip to the grocery store

when doing digital things and carrying around phones though there is a big gap between theory and practice

@KitsuneAlicia @Cilich @emsenn pretty incredible US citizens born in the US through a midwife were deported. I have family born here that could still be deported because of this. And nobody talks about it or sees it as a threat? People’s denial of reality is so strong!

@data you can hide a whole spaceship hovering over a major metropolitan area by calling it someone else's problem @KitsuneAlicia @Cilich

@emsenn I have casual convos on discord, but like when it comes to real shit you have NO IDEA how annoying it is to have people who want us to do like actual organisation on fucking whatsapp. signal is right there, and actually pretty damn good, Em and I only chat on signal and I don't feel like 'shit should I actually be saying this sensitive thing about organising?'. but everybody IRL always says it's too hard to get people to install signal 🙄, if they don't wanna use actual safe tools then we don't let them in the damn convo at all is my line


(read this whole thing, everyone) I was told by someone I trust that Signal cooperates with the NSA.

BUT: at least that means to read it, cops gotta coordinate with the fed - or in your case, internationally. Bureaucracy takes time, and that's a bit of a safety buffer.

I use Signal as much as I can for sure.

@CornishRepublicanArmy The attitude of folk around me is "if discord isn't safe, signal can't be either, they're both just software" and like yes neither is /safe/ it's about... I mean people dn't build fort walls because they think it will prevent every harm, but it makes it harder to cause a certain kind of harm.

@emsenn opsec 101 is to presume everything is already compromised and keep things that are need to know, need to know

@CornishRepublicanArmy Y'know what's great?

My partner respects the fuck out of this and is totally chill that I'm just, sometimes not around and won't tell them why.

@emsenn oh I tell my wives everything lmao. but I feel like if they're feds, damn those feds know how to pull a fucking impressive long con as 2 not IRL politically active people with mental and physical disabilities, so they earned that info


> keep things that are need to know, need to know

It's not a concern about them being a fed, at all.

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