I'd like to talk about being an ally, and being a liaison between marginalized communities and privileged communities.

That's the position @brandon@fosstodon.org put themselves into seven months ago, when FOSStodon's admin stood firm behind using an ableist slur.

They said, and I'm quoting from a private conversation with them,

"I think that more good will come of this situation if I remain a part of Fosstodon than if I leave and cut myself off from the people so desperately looking for some guidance. " 1n

They went on to say,

"I think my responsibility is in staying on Fosstodon and being a good example of what an ally /could/ be. Or maybe it's even being that stepping stone to being a better ally because god knows that I'm far from perfect and some would even say that I'm not an ally."

That is, "I think it's important I represent marginalized folks' interests to privileged folk, even if those marginalized folk are demanding I not."


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I've wondered since then if that would be true: would they defend marginalized people, serving as a catalyst for anti-bigotry on FOSStodon and eventually bringing the instance toward a less bigoted stance on things?

So, I checked their profile, repeatedly, over the past few months. Y'know, I was curious, and I'm always down to learn new tactics in fighting fascism: maybe letting privileged white people alone inside privilege /is/ the right way for them to represent marginalized folk. 3/n

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I mean, every part of that rings incredibly false, but hey.

So, I checked. The posts at first were... really discouraging; Brandon was immediately talking about wanting to flip houses; make part of their income profiting off gentrification. That was worrisome.

Anyway, like I said, the issues started around the use of an ableist slur.

Here's Bradon in a post from four days ago defending the use of the slur: fosstodon.org/@brandon/1036699


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So... I'm gonna call that an "end" to the observations.

It took seven months between a white person siding with "help educate white people" over "protect marginalized people" and that same white person repeating the same bigotry they were once advocating against.

There's a lot that could be extrapolated here, but it boils down to "are white allies a better advocate against bigotry than those who experience bigotry" and now the answer is provably "hahaha no of course not" 5/5

(And for what it's worth I said all this but more unkindly to Brandon, in an email subjected "Do you resist bigotry?" and ended with calling them a bigoted coward. I just can't @ them because this instance suspended theirs or vice versa or something, I don't care, I don't wanna talk to them directly anyhow.

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Oh, and why did I make a big public post about it?

Because fuck this white able-bodied fucker for saying "yes we should be able to use ableist slurs but please no one start a conversation about whether we should or not"

In fact, just to be clear; big ol' block recommendation for @brandon@fosstodon,org for, well, that.

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@maloki i bet you just had the biiiiggest eye roll at this whole thread huh

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@emsenn 😳🤣

Let's say I wasn't surprised 🤨

Disappointed, sure, but not surprised.

I'm glad a decent amount of people did migrate off.

@maloki Me too! And yea, I'm also not surprised, but like I said, I'm keen to learn the actual best tactics in fighting fascism and if Brandon was right about his way being best, I didn't wanna ignore that.

The other admin who made such promises has never made any anti-bigoted (or pro-bigoted) comments in public since the incident which has me worried they're not anti-bigotry but I can't see their more private posts so I can't add them to the call-out.

@maloki I really hope Brandon responds to my email because I bet it'll be very "that was hurtful and mean and you're the REAL bigot going out of your way to be MEAN after MONTHS of not talking to me"

But like

1) Hell yes I am mean to bigots
2) yes I'll look at what happened months ago I'm not... a goldfish

@emsenn my posts are too mundane to attract a lot of assholes but I see I've already crossed paths with this person

@baronnarcveldt "agree to disagree" coming from people choosing to be bigoted just tells me that theyre cowards who can't even wield hate without systemic privilege backing it up.

Fucking collaborationist fucks

@baronnarcveldt Like imagine being told "hey it's been seven months and despite your claims you would do the opposite, you're being a bigot" and saying "difference of opinion, bye!"

@emsenn "I think we should just agree to disagree about the pain and suffering marginalized people face in regards to slurs but also don't talk to me ever again. I'm a good ally to marginalized folks."

In other words, it's the same old elitist threat of "If you're a marginalized person, don't you dare criticize my actions or else I might revoke my allyship. I know what you need better than you do, so shut up."

@KitsuneAlicia he's so dense he probably genuinely is wishing me a good life while simultaneously being bigoted toward me. A fragmented worldview. What one would expect from someone using an iPhone but is on a Foss instance and calls rhemself "Linux liaison"

@emsenn Ah, shit! We didn't even catch that! We were wondering why you were laughing about the iPhone thing. lmao. That's hilarious.

Like I'm just... the absolute obliviousness in saying, twice, they hope I am doing and continue to do well, even though I, as I see it, am having to live through them encouraging a society that hates me.

like... just so clearly doesn't understand how "oppressor versus oppressed" is different than "ubuntu versus debian" or whatever

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