Media literacy lesson time y'all!

"The RCMP are being pulled out of Wet'suwet'en territory, meeting demands of protesters blockading transportation around the country."

Incorrect! The protests are in solidarity with the Wet'suwet'en, who are not protesting the RCMP being in their territory, but the invasion of their territory by the Canadian government, which involves both the RCMP and Coastal GasLink.

Y'know, the oil pipeline. At the center of this. Now being erased.

Media literacy matters.


"Media literacy" is a concept I think many of you assume you understand but I've now had four interactions that make it clear people aren't familiar with it.

It refers to a pedagogic exploration of media you consume through active inquiry, and is a skillset like normal literacy (which involves more than just knowing how to read letters as words, but recognizing rhetorical devices and their effects and so on.)

@emsenn Levar Burton had a piece a few years back that I liked to reference about how there is a rather significant portion of the population who are functionally literate.

They passed high school. They have also made it through undergraduate. They read and follow instructions, but that's it. Higher reading capabilities -- following metaphors or allegories. Getting through a novel or a long-form piece of philosophical work would is impossible -- media literacy as well.

I'm convinced I've run into plenty of people who fit this mold. "Successful" people by capitalist standards. Running businesses. Holding down high wage jobs. Would start to struggle with the length of this post.

@lordbowlich I think I remember that!

I think a big issue is that lots of educated people make the same mistake with literacy that they do reason: thinking it's a character attribute like "brunette," not a skill they have to exercise.

Knowing the precise definition of deduction doesn't mean you exercise deductive reasoning when applicable, knowing how to read big words doesn't mean you know what sentences using them mean.

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