white people:

gosh it sure is

*blows up indigenous relics in Massachusetts*

a shame that

*blows up indigenous relics in Washington*

we'll never know more

*blows up indigenous relics in Arizona*

about indigenous cultures :(

white people:

indigenous culture is lost forever

*performs non-consentual historectomies on indigenous women*

to the sands of time

*kidnaps indigenous babies from their mothers*

if only we could go back

*arrests indigenous men*

and change what was

*buries radioactive materials next to indigenous food sources*

oh well! let's look to the future

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@emsenn In before someone accuses you of equivocating the "good" and "bad" white people.

@nothingwindsky Honestly it's been a long time since I've had an interaction like that, most unfavorable interaction recently has been from over-excitable leftists who can't read outside their colonial viewpoints so hear me criticizing cities and think I'm advocating genocide.

And I just take that as "I'm new to talking about these ideas so doing so poorly, thanks for the feedback."

@emsenn Whiteness comes with a protection policy, yeah. It desperately wants to uphold its longevity, that is, the ascendancy of its mainstream structures. A decolonial critique of cities can stand on its own. But white people manifest a tendency to assume the worst, perhaps out of fear that the hegemony—with the urban areas it has built—will weaken.

@nothingwindsky @emsenn Meanwhile, obscuring and ignoring the history of Cahokia, Tenochtitlan and other major indigenous cities isn't doing anyone any favors.

@emsenn Sometimes, it's good to be self aware of how whiteness makes me ridiculous.

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