things i don't consider real: the united states, economics, software licenses

things i do consider real: the sound of a breeze through the trees during one specific hour of time never to come again, faves and boosts, whatever your identity is about yourself

like I one-thousand percent consider the "politics" of y'all seeing this post waaaaay more important than the politics of the federal government

Y'all are my like, immediate neighbors!

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@emsenn totally! I'm continually struck with how describe my "interest" to other people who aren't super aware/into things like anarchy, cultural mythology and the like. People confuse "politics" with legislation and elections, and they roll their eyes when you say "theory." It's a lose-lose.

@emsenn Reality is a weird concept.

Like. The United States is an idea that seven billion people believe in, and enough believe in hard enough to hurt others on behalf of that idea. Money is the same way. Gender is the same way. God is the same way (maybe). All just ideas, no objective "reality," nothing tangible about them, nothing you can touch, just their power to act through real, actual people, to govern the actions of billions. Bars of an invisible prison just as real as iron, if not moreso.

@emsenn I been saying for years that economics is fiction. Anticapitalists who concern themselves with interest rates and all that mystify me.

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