"as the electoral campaigns for winning the seat of President of the United States become more active, I think I need to speak against our society's tendency to focus social change around politics...

"people are choosing not to feed their neighbor or migrate toward sustainable energy, explicitly because folk would rather seek a political solution..."

p.s. I'd love feedback on like the writing style here, the lack of caps, long sentences, and many line breaks instead of periods

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I was definitely expecting feedback to be more "it's tolerable or alright" not seemingly strongly in favour of the style so i'm real pleased right now :3

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@emsenn I think the writing style works. I'm in a ... I'm not tracking very well right now, but understood fine.

@emsenn I like the writing style, it looks very neat. It's very readable and I would say more so than if it was a block of paragrahped text.
The piece was good too, it put some thoughts I'd also been having into a nice, concise and well explained form!

@emsenn just starting to read but i wanted to say your blog style / structure is super cool

@garbados badass! i just tweaked it with decolonial vibes in mind so i'm glad to hear it looks cool and not hacky or gimmicky :3

@emsenn I don't mind the writing style. It is easy to read and maybe feels more like a conversation.

Glad you bring these points up. It's sickening how people actually donate money and spend inordinate amounts of time to support candidates that just fail anyway. What's worse, is that they seem to ignore history every election cycle and cling to the same belief that politicians will save them. Maybe they just feel like its the only avenue for activism outside of protesting which doesn't work either. Sad to hear people cancelling direct action to go campaign for a politician.

It's just more manufactured consent. :sadness:

@emsenn this touches on something that I've experienced, which is becoming like, severely dispirited and depressed every time I got involved in "normal" political things like. Phone banking, knocking on doors, handing out flyers, etc. It all felt empty and cynical and hollow and fucking useless as fuck.

@emsenn even, oh my god, trying to get involved in *elections* wow you wanna talk about dispiriting. oh my god.

@emsenn i mean i'm also guilty of not taking direct action, so, i'm really just complaining at this point which isn't terribly helpful.

@June Are you just complaining because you think nothing can be done, or because you personally don't have the energy to do more?

If the former, that's wrong.

If the latter, that's fair, but maybe try encouraging people who act instead of criticizing what is - while criticizing what is is good to keep the discourse moving the right direction, it can be disheartening, and focusing on what good is being done can be more fun to to talk about

@emsenn it's that i don't have the energy for it most of the time, being mentally ill with chronic pain and 3 young kids i'm taking care of and trying to employ myself sustainably

@June Oh well that's fine I think I just don't like folk who don't act because they think it's useless.

@emsenn no no i would totally be down for supporting actions like, fuck yes. i try to help where and how i can. from sending supplies to sending money when i had the income, to things like standing rock and local sit ins and stuff.

@emsenn it's just. to bring this fully around to the original topic:

even just sending a pizza to folks doing a sit-in felt more meaningful to me than voting or phone-banking for a candidate, even one I *like*

@June I used to spend about 2h a week just licking envelopes for letters to prisoners and it was super fulfilling

(Okay so we got a wet rock to use instead of really licking them but)

@June Yea so what I hear there is "I look for opportunities to help when I can and I haven't seen any recently" and like... that's not reflective bad on your efforts at all but like, hey how come there aren't more opportunities?

@emsenn sorry i might have miscommunicated? i support things actively now.

@June I think I forgot the context and am too used to seeing folk pout they aren't able to do much and they don't pout at the right place about it.

@emsenn anyways sorry to clutter your thread.

@June no please don't apologise it only got cluttered because I projected

@June nah the product being resold down the line isn't potential political change, it's hope.

You sell it door-to-door to folk who will use it for emotionalism. Do that well and you sell it to the people who go door to door.

@emsenn what I was getting at is this feeling you get that everyone hates their work, too, and they're just doing it because they've been told there's a good reason and bought it.

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