:( Just had a sad conversation with my Peruvian accountant friend who's office is next to mine (that's also my house so we're good buddies, his mom cooks for me and i cook for hiim)

It was about the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women.

It's so much harder to keep a straight face when talking about that stuff in person, not through text. Every innocent ignorant question just has devastating answers and it sucks to say them but we gotta say them.

(Today is the day of recognition of this issue, in America, so I have a thick red mark on my face that isn't normally there, prompting him to ask why it was there.)

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He's such a normie politically which is funny to me because like he openly (to friends) identifies as a communist, has extended family and many friends who live within indigenous communities within Peruvian territory.

But his response was "this is why everyone should have a chip in their arm"

NO buddy! fuck!

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