everybody routinely shits on culture that was formative and valuable and precious to someone else. the album that propped you up during your darkest times is an absolute throwaway punchline to someone else. if everyone has the latitude to be a critic, this is just how pop culture discussions are gonna go.

and heads up, kids who are 15 right now are gonna be Very Online in a few years with a checklist of everything that ever mattered you and they fucking HATE it all.

in unrelated news, nobody ask how much i spent on RATM tickets thank you for respecting my family's privacy during this difficult time no further questions this press conference is over

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@jackdaw_ruiz there's tihs dude here in my town's music scene who prides himself so much on his skill as a talent scout and i just go "aren't you the guy that passed on signing rage against the machine?" and now he doesn't talk to me

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