I am proud of the brave folk who have successfully caused a suspension of rail service across much of the eastern part of Canadian territory, in solidarity with the land defenders of the Wet'suwet'en.

Stay strong, your government is against you:

“This is not about Indigenous people... it’s about a hard-left ideology that is... opposed to... modern industrial economy. It’s... time that our police... demonstrated that this is a country that respects the rule of law.”

I asked folk around here if they'd want to shut down the coal train in solidarity but they didn't want to deviate from their bajillion-point plan to build to actions against the coal train, because to do so would weaken their legitimacy.

I'd go block it myself but with my limp, cops can outrun me so I'd just get arrested after causing maybe an hour or two delay.

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(There's a lot I don't do because I can't assume I can outrun folk, it's a big bummer. Y'all able-bodied folk don't appreciate how much better you can fight for liberation cause you've got working bods.)

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...Er and this isn't like, a baseless claim, ask folk who knew me pre-accident; I was proud and happy to... let's keep it vague and say count coup.

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I just... y'all get what this is saying, right:

"We are preparing to use guns against anyone who resists the militant industrialised destruction of our ecology."

If no other threat has seemed concrete enough, if the climate science doesn't sway you, here are the fascists telling you, they will violently counter any resistance.

That alone should be enough to throw them out of power: an institution wielding violence over the express wishes of its members is not a democratic republic.

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They're going to kill all the people and all the land

It's a death cult, and most of y'all pay tithes because you think it's the only way you can stay alive.

Stop financing my genocide - and your own extinction.

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@emsenn the democratically elected government vs the hereditary chiefs

@alexjgriffith I haven't heard anyone bring this up that didn't reveal themselves to be a meddlesome racist white colonist, but I'll give you a chance to beat the odds.

@emsenn I am both white and the descendant of a colonist. They have also stopped all train transit in Canada in the name of environmental protection.

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