Indigenous girls, women, and two-spirit people are going missing and being murdered, and it is not being taken seriously.

This post mentions being informed by authorities their relative was found in a /mass grave/.

And it's /no where/ in the news.


@emsenn holy fuck im so sorry for them
reading that whole thread and just being so fucking mad at how this is just not even given a glance in the news, but i already know the answer why its not and it makes me want to raze the news industry and build it anew

@tobi_o keeping up with the news coming out of indigenous communities is a whirlwind because there's stories like this right behind stuff like this

@emsenn i hope the sheep and Paiute community can thrive, but god youre right about the whirlwind part...

@emsenn mass. grave. Mass grave. Still trying to wrap my head around that. Is this a war zone? A genocide? Because those are the contexts I associate mass graves with--and I guess they more or less fit here. I cannot imagine what Julisa's family, and too many other Indigenous families, are going through. This is genocide. This is genocide.

@lj_writes We live inside a class war with many genocides occurring, yeah.

It's easy to forget but it's where we are.


I think I annoy people with calling things like battles and sorties and traitors but tbh I think it's important enough we see the world that way, otherwise, almost every interaction is an implicit surrender to white supremacy.

I only like to surrender if I know I'm doing it and I think there's a route to victory being opened by it

@emsenn I mean why should you have to accept the legitimacy of a white supremacist settler government by making peace with it when it has never stopped making war and committing crimes against you, your relatives, and your allies?

@lj_writes I know that sounds self-evident but it does help to hear it from outside my own reasoning.

@emsenn also this white settler junta has literally never kept its word or stopped the genocide when indigenous peoples did surrender, basically telling you by its own actions that surrender is a bad fucking idea and you *should* view it as an enemy to undermine at every opportunity 🤷‍♀️

@lj_writes You'd think that'd be the conclusion but I hear not infrequently that we should've learned with Wounded Knee and given up the ghost then.

...I haven't had coffee but I'm trying to make a joke here from "given up the ghost" to the ghost dance so just pretend I did and laugh.

@emsenn I mean open armed confrontation might not be viable yet but settler-capitalist oligarchy continues to be the enemy that deserves 0 good faith or cooperation, and I don't see how anyone can deny a Native person's right to see it that way.

I wouldn't give up the ghost (ahem) dance just yet either--by many metrics Crazy Horse's prophecy is already coming true with settlers turning to Native peoples for insight after fucking up so bad. Which comes with its own risks, of course.

@lj_writes there's like a half dozen new pieces a day I see, "What We Can Learn From Indigenous Communities Facing Climate Change" and it's like how about you stop causing it too eh?

holy shit! are the police investigating though? feds?

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