Alright, block recommendation:

zxv at for continuing to semi-secretly associate with fascists even after that association led to them calling for my death and expressed "sick"ness at having done so.

Privileged hypocritical ass shouldn't be given our language to help himself pass as an ally anymore than we've already helped him.


Wanna do the opposite of call for my death: help me have the means to live?

I'm losing my dayjob to employer nepotism, and would like to transition to writing and acting out more often against the kyriarchy (whiteness, imperialism, the West)

To do that I need donations from folk, preferably folk who are privileged by that kyriarchy. In exchange, you get me working full time against it, as best I know how.


Dude, I sent you like 55 bucks not too long ago, and the person who is supposed to be your employer went and scammed 100 out of you (not long afterward). How is this supposed to work?

Society is going to need a better solution to this problem; "I will not solicit donations for landlords" as a basic human right.

@emsenn Oh, and get this. My brother (the union worker) had prepaid his rent like two or three months ahead of time.

His landlord hit him up for a loan to pay his property taxes!!!

An old boomer with like eight garages. Ridiculous.

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