I've only posted about this followers-only so far, but I'm probably going to lose my job (and so need to move, because my job is as the on-sitemanager for an apartment building)

I'd like to transition to doing remote writing (I have professional experience), but also, focus more on providing decolonal actions and education.

I need y'all's help for that. If you can, consider donating via emsenn.net/support/

The closer y'all get me to covering expenses, the more decolonial writing I can do!



Y'all in the Fediverse probably have a better sense of what I'm about than some random hiring folk at some random company I'll find online.

So if you have - or know of - some remote writing work you think I might fit with, let me know! I've done everything from fake news content farming to technical business operations documentation.

Words! I got lots of 'em, and a knack for putting them in a good order. Pay me to do that about shit you care about, we both win.

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