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animaniacs-style but adventure time-values

let's do it between us all we could get something we could hand off to animators

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This link contains violent hate speech

It's speech that is, frankly, quite normal, because all it's really doing is saying "yes, continue the current system."

Y'know, the one we're all a part of.

So what are you doing to disable it and diminish your dependency on it?

(Rhetorical, don't @ me with your good deeds, the best ones should be too radical to share through the plainweb anyway, lol!)

if libraries didnt already exist liberals would say the idea was impossible and costs too much money

“You and your punk friends, the Mohawk warriors, need to call off the blockades,” reads an email sent on Feb. 26 to addresses associated with the Wet’suwet’en and Tyendinaga township.

“If you don’t, you will find a bomb in your mailbox, and your parents will be in danger.

“This is a threat, you are on notice.”

First read this

Then read this

if i don't find a job within one month i have to travel mexico with my mom, or move in with my dad in rural florida, and neither of those places would allow me access to the monthly schizophrenia medication shot i need to stay sane, nor my HRT, not to mention weed

i HAVE TO find a job NOT in fast food QUICK

any tips, internet? oh great fediverse, lend me your knowledge

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"emsenn why do you put a link and then say here"

cause it's like stage directions, first the action of handing you the link, then the concurrent dialog

i'm like 100% no one was asking this but now you know

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Alright! I accidentally clicked onto the page to do it, so I've updated my pronouns to e/em/eir

Here's the Wikipedia page about them.

And here's a page with their usage. (Thanks @ella_kane)

I recognize them as uncommon so won't be mad at folk doing they/them. (Please not he/him or she/her though!)

if you’re tempted to write-off a marginalized individual for incrementalism (with regards to issues affecting their own lives) first consider whether they’re not just still grasping at rungs you’ve already climbed up and if you’re not just stepping on their hands

if they’re doing it bc they’re otherwise *overprivileged*, fuck em. but not every underprivileged person can afford to be radical in their everyday lives

oh are we making the fedi like more explictly like, radically and violently anti-fascist now?

fuck yea punch cops break windows! I move slow and wobbly (heh) so i'll stay here and cook for the afterparty :D

those of y'all who have like, one scent (incense, candle) that you use for your home way more often than any other, what is it?

mine is cedar. (just, cedar sawdust,in a small pile, smouldering.)

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Anyone I know using a fediverse server over Tor on an onion address?

re: i made a buncha emojis for symbols that represent various alterhuman (/adjacent) groups (pt2) 

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i made a buncha emojis for symbols that represent various alterhuman (/adjacent) groups (pt1) 

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