i can do a good amount of level 4s now and im starting to push 5

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i think once work slows down i want to incorporate more weight training for the gainz

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regular exercise has improved my life enormously in the past six months. sorry for politicizing this like i do everything but i remember a time in my life when i couldnt afford a gym membership, or when i was working too many hours to have an exercise routine. physical recreation is often seen as a personal lifestyle choice but it is just another privilege in our society, and convenient and safe access to it should be a guaranteed human right

@dankwraith even having enough personal space to do a short exercise routine in the morning is a privilege, unfortunately. One that I took for granted until I didn't have it any more.

@dankwraith and a big part of this is that it's hard to do without access to medical care. you worry about injury, exercise induced asthma flaring up, all sorts of shit that you just can't deal with if you don't have that backstop available.

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