if i was kanye west i would have simpley continued to make good music


he already made more good music than some artists in their entire career. let the man direct his church choir and produce the occasional make-work project for Kid Cudi.

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith i can not let him do such things, he is going to do jonestown, i know he has the raw charisma and unmedicated personality to do it

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith except at least jim jones was a socialist, west is running on pure right wing egoism

@tasnyx @dankwraith

peripheral to that topic, y'all keepin an eye on Jared Leto? go google image search "jared leto cult" if you haven't seen this before.

@jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith yeah i heard something about that, guess that's what happens when you do assault a bunch and dont want to get in trouble for it

@jackdaw_ruiz @tasnyx @dankwraith speaking of guys who have made more good music than most people...

@robotcarsley @jackdaw_ruiz @dankwraith i love how every 30 seconds to mars song sounds like it was commissioned by car companies to play when someone drives it real Bad Ass

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