weird that ive seen like two witches users post textual racism in the last day. probably just a coincidence

@jennie its almost like letting your instance be a breeding ground for subtextual racism and edgelord bullshit leads to this kind of trash

@dankwraith it says a lot about your commitment to the anti-fascis cause when you start embracing these shits the minute your leftist friends start "being mean" to you...

@dankwraith not at all I'm confused as to why it hasn't been shut down


@dankwraith the "white people are white people's real victims" part lmao

@dankwraith i would simply write a script to ban any account that uses that particular emoji

@dankwraith yo what the fuck I was just starting up a rapport with this guy. This sucks.

@caymanwent @dankwraith "Jehovah's witnesses don't humor upper class families" stands out as a fascinating pearl of 'hold on what' in the middle of what is otherwise totally banal being an awful shithead

@bryceyoungquist @dankwraith yeah I have no clue what this prattle means but that's a block from me

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