nobody respects me for the shit and piss that i create to keep society functioning

@dankwraith man down

where you from


fuck who know where you from my friend

where your grandma stay huh my friend?

this mad city i run my friend

my dick and balls are getting lots of interactions

still cant believe nobody interacted with my nuts

submitting my dick pics for peer review before they are published to a journal

having my taco dry dick style

(no toppings, no salsa, just meat and tortilla)

under communism all white people will be given a brain implant to force them to say "friend" instead of the n word when rapping along to songs

running for mayor on the platform of giving flowless a gun

somehow managed to accidentally create a morning smoothie that replicates the flavor of an orange Julius

drinking banana/orange smoothies and coffee. at the peak of my shitting game rn

vaping oregano and calling everyone my paisano for a solid 2 hours while accordion music plays in my head

shredding my balls in a cheese grater over a plate of penne pasta

Thing is with giving artists unsolicited critique on their work is you have no idea the motivation behind their doing it and no idea what their desired outcome is.

Whatever you think they could have done to improve on it is often going to be wrong, even if you believe it's correct. Rarely are views and motivations on art going to align, and by giving unsolicited advice on how it could be done "better" you're just straight up being a dick.

Every video game is named like, "Shadow Legends League VI: Titans of the Fall" or "Depressed Frog"

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