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due to daylight savings, the narwhal bacons at 11pm

Am I an exceptionally spiritual person? No.

Do I believe in divination? Idk.

Do I still wanna brush up and utilize my very rusty Python skills to make a rudimentary numerology calculator program so I can easily find a new chosen name for myself that has a root number of 7, for no reason other than the simple fact that I like the number 7? YES.

Sometimes I forget how booj some of my college friends are. I have a friend who's never had to work a job bc their dad paid for an apartment and tuition (no scholarship); love em to death, but like...

They're applying for jobs and got denied by USPS bc they answered honestly on a personality assessment and they're FUMING and it just dawned on me that the idea that you have to act like passive subservient hyperproductive pawns to employers isn't just deeply ingrained into everyone's psyche

i've mentioned previously how the average 'workday' for a hunter-gatherer is 4 hours. by what standard, except ability to possess private property, which hunter-gatherers don't have, are we 'more advanced' when with all the technology supposedly at our disposal, we do 8 to 12 or more? i'm not arguing for primitivism here — that's just flipping the ladder and saying less is now better, not actually confronting it — the point is that our technology doesn't serve us, it serves capital

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In the angelic/demonic realms, angels are generally thought to be asexual and/or agender. Meanwhile, demons are generally seen as the exact opposite.

We posit that to follow that opposition to angels' androgyny, a non-binary demon is therefore *all* genders.

Furthermore, by following the standard naming conventions of succubus and incubus for hypersexualized femme and masc respectively, we can deduce that a non-binary demon is called an omnibus.

Please update your gender charts accordingly.

I love when white settlers bring up "something something ethnostate" whenever decolonization and the restoration of sovereignty to indigenous and afro-diaspora nations gets brought up.

Bc 1) That's not even remotely correct and it's embarrassing to watch you flail, and
2) As if the United States isn't the world's first experimental white ethnostate.

the legend of korra would have been a lot better if it didn't do that liberal thing where they depict the bad guys as convincing and then because they've never thought about their own ideology kind of just mumble through how they need to take the bad guys down, and then beat the bad guys and then you're just supposed to accept that the bad guys were wrong the whole time based solely on the fact that they aren't the protagonists

i'm gay, i don't know anything, i always walk into door frames, i'm bi, i love non-binary people, all my socks have holes in them,

all glory to the down with cis bus, its noble riders and its very brave driver

Queer Rambling, ok for real this one is kinda disgustingly gushy 

We're planning to go on a social distancing date sometime in the near future when they get a day off of work!! I'm so excited but it's gonna suck not being able to give out hugs or kisses 😢

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