I have a mild fascination with the decor in Cheesecake Factory because it feels like a cheesy reproduction of a historic culture that never existed. like all the brass fixtures and columns and art don't actually resemble stuff from this world.

it's like dining somewhere recreating the kinda iberian-franco fascist country from Dishonored. with a huge selection of cheesecake.

@cicatriz_jdr it is highly interesting and I am subscribing to this quarterly newsletter

@cicatriz_jdr I always thought it was supposed to be greco-Egyptian with weird pan-Asian features on the exterior

@cicatriz_jdr I have never been to an Applebees that could be described as the above, and am suddenly interested in whatever Applebees you are familiar with. Weird tacky architecture is interesting to me and therefore whatever the hell is going on in Cheesecake Factory was designed for me and me only

@cicatriz_jdr it's like an algorithmically generated restaurant

misinfo conspiracy theory I hear it's based on Tartarian architecture

@cicatriz_jdr or, someone is told to create the look of a Roman villa for a Disneyland restaurant, but the only source they are allowed to use is someone who went to Italy on holiday once, and they won't stop talking about the hotel lobby where they stayed.

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