one time i got home from work and my roommate and his girlfriend were having some kinda heated argument, and they looked up at me like "okay, so, JD, is Carnation Instant Breakfast, by itself, actually breakfast?"


this is, with all due respect, the second least surprising thing since the sun coming up this morning.

@cicatriz_jdr Look I dunno about Carnation but I can say that my bowl of cereal is part of a precisely and carefully balanced breakfast. (motions to an overflowing bowl of Choco-Bomb Crispos sitting in front of a banquet table covered in fruits, vegetables, roasted meats and various sauces)

where... where do you even get the little paper tips for the rack of lamb? i feel like they stopped making those in the 60s or something. and do those count toward the total fiber?

@cicatriz_jdr well given the fact that it's what I've had for breakfast everyday for the past maybe 17 years i feel like I need to answer yes

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