the year is 2029. the ceaseless march toward media conglomeration continues unabated.

after many hours spent tracing a byzantine web of corporate ownerships, you realize that Disney now quietly owns WikiFeet. "Emma Watson's big toe is a Disney Princess" you shout in Town Square block #467 of the Metaverse.

the nearby crude 3d polygonal bushes all morph into identical Goofys wearing riot cop gear. this is your third strike.

@cicatriz_jdr From the other room, the Disney theme started playing as I read this. Why must you write us toward this future

@cicatriz_jdr you slink through the muggy humid streets as you return from your monthly gathering with the local rebel faction. Movement behind you sets you on edge, you quickly toss out your replica Rebel Alliance x wing helmet that marks you as a member, but it's too late. From a dark alley a dog nose made of steel slowly reveals itself. "You should have known this was coming, a-hyuk"

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